Out with the Old - August 2019 Empties

August wasn't my most fruitful month for empties. Over the course of the month I only used up 10 products, and most of them were basics like shower gel and hair care, with a few skincare bits mixed in. As per usual, products I plan to repurchase, or already had a backup of, are marked with an asterisk (*). Click through to read about my August emtpies! 

Bath&BodyWorks Endless Weekend Shower Gel*
Endless Weekend is the scent of my first year in Sydney. It was the shower gel I brought with me when I moved here, and it evokes a lot of memories of warm weather, good water pressure, and feeling freer than I ever had in my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but I have a very strong scent memory - and the ability to have a nice shower in peace is an incredible feeling when you're not used to it. I adore this warm berry scent. I have a second bottle, which I'm saving for warmer months. I'll always have a soft spot for Endless Weekend.

Bath&BodyWorks Coconut Mint Drop Shower Gel
This empty comes from Morgan. He loves his Coconut Mint Drop Shower Gel. He found it sweet and refreshing, and I have to say the scent really suited him. He's since moved on to another Bath&BodyWorks shower gel, but would repurchase this limited edition scent if it was still available.

Batiste Cherry+Tropical Dry Shampoos*^
I finished TWO cans of Batiste this month! A regular sized can of my old favorite Cherry scent, and the tiny can of Tropical that I keep in my backpack. Both of these dry shampoos are great, and I've repurchased two regular cans and another little one during a recent sale. A forever favorite.

So many people love Hylamide's Hydra-Density Mist...and I don't get it. This mist was alright, there was nothing actively wrong with it, but I also didn't feel like it did anything significant. Hydra-Density, or Sub-Q as it's now called, does hydrate the skin to an extent, but I feel like there's better products out there.

Pixi's pHenomenal Gel isn't quite phenomenal, but I do really like it! This gel moisturizer is wonderful for repairing and maintaining your skin's moisture barrier. pHenomenal Gel is nicely hydrating, and imparts a lovely dewiness into the skin. I'm not repurchasing this moisturizer right away, but I think I'm gonna grab another tube when the weather warms up!

Head&Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo+Conditioner
The Head&Shoulder's Smooth and Silky Shampoo saved my skin earlier in the year. That's right, my skin! This shampoo, when used as a mask, helped control and clear up my fungal acne when it was at it's worse. Once my fungal acne cleared up, I decided to finish it off (and the coordinating conditioner) on my hair...and I didn't like them! The shampoo dried my hair out, and the conditioner did nothing for me, despite it's rich texture. I wouldn't repurchase these as hair care products, but if fungal acne ever rears it's ugly head again, I'll go running back to Head&Shoulders' for help.

LeTan Liquid Sun Custom Tanning Drops^
A declutter, rather than a true empty, LeTan sent me this product a two years ago and I barely touched it. Tanning isn't really my thing, but I decided to give these mix-in tanning drops a try anyway, with underwhelming results. If I would desire a tan, I'd want it to be natural, but the Liquid Sun drops were too natural - it took nearly a week for them to have any visible impact on my skin - and I'm pale as fuck. I can't imagine how long it would take for these to be visible on someone with skin any darker than mine. These drops have since been rebranded, and maybe reformulated, so perhaps they're better, but I wasn't impressed.

Lush Black Rose Bath Bomb*
I picked up Lush's Black Rose Bath Bomb on a whim a few weeks ago. This pretty bath bomb smelled like Lush's iconic Rose Jam fragrance, and colored my bath water an opaque, glittering black hue. I've seen a lot of complaints that this bath bomb stains skin and tubs alike, but I didn't experience any staining on my fair skin, or my white tub (though I did clean it immediately after getting out). Overall, I found Black Rose enjoyable, and I'd buy it again if I was in the mood for a spooky, floral scented bath. 

What products did you finish in August?

Products marked with an ^ were sent to me as press samples

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