Subi Beauty Perfect Pimple Patches Review

Subi Beauty Perfect Pimple Patches Review
Subi Beauty says "Say goodbye to pesky pimples and the scars they leave behind with our Perfect Pimple Patch. Made with medical-grade hydrocolloid, we use the thinnest available patches to draw out the gunk, reducing inflammation and the urge to pick." Subi Beauty, a brand new Australian K-Beauty brand, sells their Perfect Pimple Patches in a three pack of 18 patch sheets for $29.95AUD. These pimple patches are cruelty free, vegan friendly, and made in Korea.

Subi Beauty's Perfect Pimple Patches come in a trendy silver holographic pouch that offers plenty of product information and directions for use. Inside this shiny pouch is a sheet of 10mm circular hydrocolloid bandages. These patches are nearly colorless and relatively discreet at least on my fair skin - I can't say if deeper skin will have the same experience. When I say they're discreet, I mean I wouldn't wear them out in public, but I wouldn't mind checking the mail or chatting with a neighbor while wearing one. Visible, but not attention grabbing or question inducing (probably).

So before I tell you about my experience with Subi Beauty's Perfect Pimple Patches, let me explain what pimple patches are. Most pimple patches, including these, are actually just little hydrocolloid bandages. What are those? Hydrocolloid bandages are self adhesive bandages that contain a compound that helps draw pus and fluid out of wounds, helping to reduce infection and speed up the healing process. Subi Beauty's patches don't have the best adhesion - they don't stay on well if you're doing much talking or eating. You're better off wearing these overnight only - I haven't had any issue with them coming off at night (and I sleep face down, for ref).

I applied Subi Beauty's Perfect Pimple Patches to several different kinds of pimples - previously popped pimples in the process of healing, active whiteheads, and those hard under-the-skin bois that never really come to the surface. These patches sucked a lot of gunk out of the pre-popped pimples and whiteheads, but didn't have any significant effect on the still-forming pimples that were brewing under the surface. Repeated applications of the patches continued to draw pus out of my active acne, until they went flat a few days later. More importantly, applying the patches kept me from picking at my pimples (a terrible habit I've been struggling to break!), preventing infection and additional damage to the skin. If you're a skin picker, you need to try pimple patches.

I really liked these! Subi Beauty's Perfect Pimple Patches definitely helped my whiteheads to heal quicker, both by helping to extract pus and by keeping my fingers off my face. If you're late to the pimple patch trend, like I was, you really should consider giving them a try! I wanna try a few different brands of pimple patches, just to get a feel for whats on the market, but I could see myself coming back to Subi Beauty's Perfect Pimple Patches in the future!

Cellulose gum, styrene isoprene, styrene block copolymer, polyisobutylene, petroleum resin, polyurethane film liquid, paraffin, tetrakis methane.

This product was sent to me for review. My opinions were not influenced by Subi Beauty or any other third party. 

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