Products I've Hit Pan On - June 2019 Update

It feels like a long time since my last Products I've Hit Pan On quarterly update back in March! During that time I used up Pixi's Correction Concentrate, which I predicted to make it to this post. Clearly, I was wrong. I haven't hit pan on any new products in the last three months, though I'm coming close on at least two. Until then, I have updates on the four products I've hit pan on. Click through to read more.
                                                                Essence Almost Peachy Eyeshadow
I've opened up a decent amount of pan on Almost Peachy, despite only using it a handful of times over the last three months. I think I've gotten the ring of remaining shadow down to the point that it's quite thin, so each use creates a visible impact. I rarely reach for this eyeshadow, so I expect it to be in the next update as well. 

theBalm Balm Desert Blush
Surprisingly, theBalm's Balm Desert Blush isn't showing very much progress. I reach for this rosy brown blusher almost every time I wear blush, but due to it's densely pigmented nature, I only need a brush tap's worth of product for each cheek. Panning this blush will be pretty slow going, so I think it'll be around for a long time. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fresh Eyeshadow
I made a huge amount of progress in Fresh There was only a small amount of pan showing in my last post, but now I've used up at least a quarter, if not a third of this off-white eyeshadow. I use Fresh as a blending shade almost every time I reach for my Anastasia Sultry Palette, so I wouldn't be surprised if I fly through the rest of this shadow and finish it, or nearly finish it, by my September update. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Twig Eyeshadow 
While not as impressive as my effort on Cream, I've used up a good chunk of Twig over the last three months. There was only a tiny, tiny speck of pan showing in my March update, but I think Twig is now thoroughly panned. Though I don't use it quite as often as I do Cream, I tend to incorporate Twig in most of my Sultry palette looks, so I expect to make a good bit of progress on it in the coming months. 

What products are you hitting pan on?

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