Out with the Old - June 2019 Empties

I finished thirteen products during the month of June, which is pretty average for me - but what makes this empties post exceptional is what isn't in it. No Batiste Dry Shampoo, no The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide/1% Zinc Serum. Crazy, right? It's not that I haven't been using them, they just didn't run out in the time frame of this post. Despite not containing either of my most commonly finished products, June's empties are pretty boring, they're all basic products with a few declutters tossed in. Click through to read more about the thirteen products I finished this month. As always, products I intend to repurchase (or already have) are marked with an asterisk (*).

Derma Energy's Clean with Envy Cleanser was never ending! I used this cleanser twice a day from mid February til the first week of June before it ran out! Clean with Envy was a good simple cleanser that balanced my skin nicely and aided in my fight against fungal acne. I wouldn't buy it again, since it's quite basic for it's nearly $40 price point, but it served me well in our 4+ months together.

Bath&BodyWorks Sweet Pea Body Lotion
Sweet Pea is such a classic - it just smells like being 17, in the best way! This bright floral fragrance has a fun, almost tart fruity note that I just can't get enough of. Honestly I've never been that big of a fan of Bath&BodyWorks' lotion formula, and their price in Australia is ridiculously high, so I won't be repurchasing - but I'll probably pick up the matching shower gel and body spray some time.

I've had mixed feelings about Bath&BodyWorks' Salted Caramel Candle. On one hand, the scent is deliciously - sweet, nutty, and warm without being sickeningly sweet. The scent throw was weaker than I'd prefer, and towards the end this candle started burning poorly. By the time Salted Caramel burned it's self out, it was kind of a mess. I had been looking forward to keeping the lovely bronze jar - which I dropped and shattered while setting up this post's photo. Hecc.

OGX Gravity Defying+Hydrating o2 Shampoo+Conditioner
I have no opinion on this shampoo and conditioner combo. I used them both til the last drop, and I still come away with nothing. The Gravity Defying+Hydrating o2 Shampoo and Conditioner kept my hair clean and relatively detangled, but otherwise failed to impress me. OGX has better ranges.

Bath&BodyWorks Sweet Cranberry Rose Shower Gel
This is a pretty Bath&BodyWorks heavy post! I had never heard of Sweet Cranberry Rose before finding this mini shower gel during the summer Semi Annual Sale, and I can kind of understand why. There's something flat about this scent - its nice, but its non-specific - vaguely floral, kinda cranberry, mostly boring. Bath&BodyWorks are capable of much better scents, I've now moved on to an old favorite that I know I love.

Lush Groovy Kind of Love Bath Bomb*
I picked Groovy Kind of Love up during my recent trip to Lush (which was meant to just be for a henna stock up. oops). based mostly on appearance. I had a cold at the time and couldn't pick up any sort of scent from this bath bomb - but it's pastel rainbow hues were appealing. Once I got it home and in the water it showed it's true colors (hazard orange, which I found unpleasant), and revealed it's scent - nonspecific scratch and sniff fruit sticker. Lush calls this scent a blend of rosewood, ylang ylang, and bergamot - but I'm like 90% sure this the scent is modeled after a 90s strawberry sticker. If it sounds like I'm complaining - I'm not. As a devoted sticker collector, I found it delightful.

Nature's Organics Fruits Apple Fresh Shampoo*
This empty shampoo comes from Morgan, who insisted it needed to be here. He loves this $2 green apple scented shampoo. He's been using this shampoo, and the coordinating conditioner for years, and has already repurchased it - though he's displeased that they repackaged it into a much sleeker, more modern looking bottle.

Borghese Fango Active Radiance Facial Oil^
Borghese's skincare has been so hit or miss for me! I loved their Hydrology  Reilluminate Facial Oil, so I figured I'd like the very similar Fango Active Radiance Facial Oil...but I didn't. This oil had a very dry texture, and didn't seem to moisturize the skin, at all. This oil did, however, cause redness and congestion. I was going to straight up declutter it, but in an effort not to be wasteful, I mixed it into a body lotion and finished it up that way.

Time and time again - I promise myself I won't repurchase a Real Techniques' Miracle Complexion Sponge. I'll treat myself to a Beauty Blender. But then I see the price, and do a 180° back to Priceline. Obviously, I have a love/hate relationship with this affordable foundation sponge. Real Techniques' Miracle Complexion Sponge works just fine, but they never last well for me - they either crumble, form a few spots of mould, or both, in the case of this one. Yet for some reason, I bought another one.

Maybelline's Daringly Nude is an old favorite that I no longer reach for. This matte peachy nude is quite flattering on my fair neutral to warm skin, both as a lip color and a cream blush, but I've only used it a handful of times this year, and I think that's a sign that it's time for us to part ways - though as I write this I'm having second thoughts!

Just like the Maybelline Lipstick above, I'm having second thoughts about letting go of this rarely used old favorite. L'Oreal's Pain au Chocolat Color Riche single shadow is a beauitful cool lilac-y taupe shimmer that looked beautiful as a one-and-done eyeshadow. The texture of this eyeshadow was quite unique - almost a gelee, but not quite, it feels damp to the touch, but behaves like a traditional powder eyeshadow. I haven't used Pain au Chocolat at all in 2019, so I'm going to toss it, but it was well loved over the years.

Pixi's Rose Ceramide Cream and I got off on the wrong foot, but eventually I learned to love it. This moisturizer broke me out a little during the first week of use, but that issue quickly resolved it's self. Pixi's Rose Ceramide Cream was lovely for me, it gave me plump, glowy, hydrated skin that looked better than it had in a long time. I'm really sad to see this moisturizer go, both due to it's great results and it's gorgeous packaging. I'm using a different Pixi moisturizer now, but if I had to choose just one of their moisturizers to buy, it'd be Rose Ceramide Cream for sure. 

Products marked with an ^ were sent to me for review. 

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