Out with the Old - May 2019 Empties

I didn't expect to have anywhere near the amount of empties I ended up with in May! I finished a total of 17 products throughout the month, crossing all categories from hair care to skincare, to makeup and beyond. As always, products I plan to repurchase, or already have, will be marked with an asterisk (*). Reviews are linked where applicable. Click through to read more about what products I finished in May. 

I think my love affair with this affordable sunscreen is coming to an end. After a year and a half of devoted use, I feel like my skin is starting to react negatively to Neutrogena's Beach Defense sunscreen. I still have two bottles to finish up, but after that I may start a quest to find a new favorite sunscreen, if the irritation continues, that is.

Bath&BodyWorks Midnight Pomegranate Shower Gel*
Midnight Pomegranate has always been one of my favorite scents from Bath&BodyWorks. This fragrance is juicy, spicy, and surprisingly complex due to elements of musk and tobacco. I picked up this travel sized bottle during the most recent Semi Annual Sale and used it up quite quickly. I will definitely repurchase it when it's next available.

OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo
I've been liking OGX a lot over the past year, and I think this is actually my favorite product I've tried from them in a long time! The Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo was light, easily rinsed, and left my hair silky and voluminous. I don't love coconut scents, but this one wasn't too bad. I don't think I'd repurchase this shampoo, just because I'd like to try other OGX ranges instead.

Frozen Lake wasn't my favorite candle. While I enjoyed the cool, outdoorsy scent and lovely label art, this candle often gave me a headache. This candle was limited edition, but either way I wouldn't repurchase it.

Franck Provost Pure D-Tox Shampoo+Conditioner
I have next to no opinion on these shampoo and conditioner samples. They both seemed to work well enough at getting my hair clean and conditioned, and they smelled nice, but neither product stood out to me. Also who spells Franck like that? Choose one, you don't get both C and K.

Soap&Glory Smoothie Star Lotion*
Soap&Glory's Smoothie Star Lotion is a long time favorite! This lotion smells absolutely delectable - like extra sweet pancakes! Even better than the scent is the formula, which is super softening and hydrating. I have a couple bottles of lotion to use up first, but I will almost definitely repurchase Smoothie Star!

Correction Concentrate is one of my most recommended, most loved products! Pixi's undereye corrector does an excellent job at canceling out both under eye circles and minor redness. Despite loving it any hyping it up for YEARS, this is only my second pot of Correction Concentrate because as the name implies, it's concentrated. Only a little dab of this peachy concealer is needed to get the job done, so it lasts me ages (I bought this jar in early February 2018). There is a hole in my collection that only Correction Concentrate can fill - I'll be repurchasing it asap!

Maybelline's Brow Drama Pomade Crayon wasn't a favorite for filling in my brows, even though I do seem to be it's target audience. I don't think I've used it on my brows since I reviewed it three years ago, but I have been using it as a contour product! I saw Evangeline Sarney recommend using the Brow Drama Pomade Crayon for contouring, gave it a whirl, and loved it for a natural and easy contour. I don't use this makeup method often, as my bone structure has pretty good definition naturally, so I won't be repurchasing this product.

Sukin's Sensitive Skin Moisturizer has been one of my most repurchased products in the last few years - this has to be the fourth or fifth bottle to pass through my home since I discovered it in early 2017. This bottle actually belongs to Morgan, who is completely loyal to it and has already repurchased it. A great product, I steal a pump of it here or there from time to time.

Batiste Sweetie Dry Shampoo*
My monthly bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo, of course. This month I used the scent Sweetie, which isn't my favorite - it's a little bit too cloying for my taste, but I like the cute matryoshka doll pattern. I've moved on to another bottle, this time in the limited edition Pink Pineapple fragrance, but regardless of scent choice, I'll probably always buy Batiste.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream as excellent for me, the best moisturizer I've tried in a long time. This simple, seemingly bland moisturizer gave me great results - hydrated, dewy, balanced skin that looked and felt good. I have a back stock of moisturizers to work through, but I'd love to use this moisturizer again in the future.

Napoleon Perdis' Clarifying Cleansing Oil was a surprise hit for me. This mineral oil based cleansing oil was quite effective and didn't aggravate my skin in any way. I found the packaging cheap and inconvenient, and the price point too high to warrant a repurchase, but I did enjoy it while I had it.

I've used up yet another bottle of The Ordinary's 10% Niacinamide/1% Zinc Serum, and am already into another one. This serum really makes an impact on my skin - it greatly reduces my breakouts and redness. This is a forever repurchase.

Natura Estonica Hydrating Tonic*
I'm so sad that I've finished this hydrating toner! Natura Estonica's Hydrating Tonic is my all time best TKMaxx find - it's formula was an incredible blend of hydrating and nourishing ingredients like niacinamide, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and more - it really had a great impact on my skin, keeping it hydrated, soft, and balanced. If I ever come across this excellent toner, I'll repurchase it in a flash, but currently I can't track down another bottle in Australia.

Lush Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Moisturizer
During my last trip to Lush to pick up a brick of Henna, an employee insisted that I try the Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Moisturizer. I wasn't particularly interested, and bypassed her hard sell of this hair mask, but she decided to toss a little sample into my bag anyway. I gave it a try and did end up liking it (though not enough to buy it). The little sample was exactly enough product to coat my hair with this airy, moussey mask, which left my hair extremely soft and silky. While the results really were nice, I can't imagine paying $30 for any hair product - especially one that smells so strongly of jasmine, a scent I don't really love.

Covergirl's Lash Blast Volume is an iconic product that I loved when it launched around ten years ago. I decided to revisit it, and frankly I don't remember why I liked it so much. I used to get bulky, inky black lashes from this mascara, but this time around I got long, separated, almost wispy lashes from it. Has the formula changed? I'm not sure, but I'll be sticking to Covergirl's SuperSizer from now on.

Palmers Concentrated Cream*
I picked this hand cream up last year while it was on offer, and didn't try it until February - and I flew through it! This rich, heavy cream has been excellent for moisturizing my hands and feets. I only applied Palmers Concentrated Cream once a day, at bedtime, and my skin was kept nourished and soft for the whole day. I'm using a tube of Soap&Glory's Hand Food right now (which is also fantastic), but I may go back to Palmers' option in the future.

What have you finished lately?

Products marked with an ^ were sent to me as press samples. 

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