Products I've Hit Pan On - March 2019 Update

It's already time for my first Products I've Hit Pan On update in 2019! During the first quarter of 2019 I finished one product from my last update, made good progress on two of the previous items, and hit pan on three new ones! Click through to read more about the Products I've Hit Pan On.

I've only used Essence's Almost Peach Velvet Eyeshadow a handful of times since my last post, since I retired my Urban Decay Naked2 Palette and am now working with a more "complete" palette. Nevertheless, I did open up the visible pan just a little bit. I don't expect to make significant progress here over the coming months.

I've used a fair bit of my favorite correcting concealer since my December update, though that may be difficult to see in photos. I've nearly cleaned off the bottom of this little glass pot, and I've thinned out the sides as well. As the name implies, this concealer is pretty concentrated, so I feel like this will make at least one more panning appearance before I finish it.

theBalm Balm Desert Bronzer
I've been using theBalm's Balm Desert as a blush or eyeshadow fairly regularly for the last three years, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that I hit pan on it sometime in February. The little silver circle of visible pan is growing very, very slowly, as this blush/bronzer/eyeshadow combo is intensely pigmented and only needs a quick tap of a brush. Balm Desert will be with me for years to come, and that's fine with me - I love it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fresh Eyeshadow 
I received my first Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette, Sultry, as a Christmas gift from Morgan, and set to work on it right away as my only palette, starting New Years Day. I've heard that Anastasia eyeshadows are incredibly easy to pan, but I honestly couldn't believe that I hit pan on Fresh after only 8-10 weeks of use. The amount of visible pan is growing with each use, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it was finished or nearly gone by June's update.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Twig Eyeshadow
Twig, also from the Sultry Palette, is my most recent panning achievement. I have just a tiny sliver of pan peeking out right in the middle of this shadow. Once again, I'm surprised at just how quickly I panned Twig, but to be fair I do use it almost every time I wear eyeshadow as my go-to crease shade. I expect to make a lot of progress on this shadow over the coming months.

What products are you hitting pan on?

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