Out with the Old - March 2019 Empties

 I finished slightly more products than usual during the month of March - 14 to be exact. I have a great mix of skincare, makeup, and miscellaneous body care this month. Click through to read my thoughts on all fourteen products, with reviews linked where applicable. As always, products I've repurchased, or plan to, will be marked with an asterisk (*).

The Ordinary's 10% Niacinamide/1% Zinc Serum is an absolute essential for me. I had stopped using it for a couple months, and it was a mistake. When I stopped I developed fungal acne and my skin went to hell, and as soon as I started using it again my issues began to subside. I blew through this bottle and have already repurchased another one (which you should expect to see in April's empties!)

Rimmel's Stay Matte Primer has been in my collection for years, but not for lack of use! I need only the tiniest dab of this mattifying primer, applied in strategic spots. Stay Matte really did keep my skin matte without being drying. A great base for foundation AND eyeshadow!

Soap&Glory Hand Food Hand Cream*
Little tubes of Soap&Glory's Hand Food are becoming a staple in my empties! This hand cream is excellent, its deeply moisturizing without being greasy. I love both scents, and alternate between them (this tube is in the Sugar Crush fragrance). I have another tube of Hand Food waiting to be used, but at the moment I'm using a different hand cream.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation is one of my all time favorites - I believe this is my third bottle over the years. This foundation has light coverage with a beautiful, natural glowy finish. The shade Vanilla Clair (51) is ideal for me in the summer months when I have a vague tan. I love pretty much everything about Healthy Mix Serum and will absolutely repurchase it again next spring. I'm currently using Maybelline's FitMe Matte+Poreless, as it's one of the only drugstore foundations that have a winter match for me.

Laqa+Co. Peacher's Daughter B'Lighter
I thought I was using Laqa+Co's Peacher's Daughter B'Lighter (blush+highlighter combo) just to use it up, but now that it's gone I really miss this gorgeous, glowy blush! Peacher's Daughter was a sheer, bright peachy pink shade with a glossy finish that really complimented my skin tone. The formula was buttery and so blendable, using it was almost a joy. I play with the idea of repurchasing it, but it feels quite expensive for a cream blush, so I'll probably just try to scope out a dupe.

Bath&BodyWorks Paris Amour Shower Gel*
Paris Amour is one of my favorite Bath&BodyWorks fragrances, and I'm so sad that they're discontinued it in-store and have relegated it to their online only lineup. I picked up this travel sized bottle during the summer semi-annual sale and used it up super quickly. While Bath&BodyWorks' shower gels aren't my favorite formula anymore, I continue to use them because I feel like you can't beat their fragrances, especially Paris Amour, a light, bubbly floral. I'll definitely repurchase another during the next semi-annual sale.

Elemis Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil
I loved this moisturizer! I got two uses out of this 2ml packet and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Elemis' Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil has a lovely light texture that helps it sink in quickly, leaving my skin well hydrated, plump, and glowy. I'd totally buy this - if it wasn't $94.

Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser is such an iconic product, and I feel like I'm the absolute last person to try it! This gel cleanser is lovely in the mornings, or as a second cleanser, though I don't love it for makeup removal. It took me a long time to learn to love this cleanser, and now that I've finished it I genuinely miss having it in my routine. I believe Glossier is coming to Australia in the coming months, and when they do I'll most likely pick up another bottle of Milky Jelly.

Bath&BodyWorks Wild Rose+Apple Shower Gel
The Wild Rose+Apple shower gel is an empty from Morgan. He picked this shower gel up several months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The scent was surprisingly unisex, and smelled great on both of us. Also, can we talk about how pretty the label is? Unfortunately this scent was limited edition, otherwise it'd be a repurchase.

I loved Cynthia Rowley Beauty's eyeliner when I received it in a Birchbox...five years ago. This pencil liner got lost at the bottom of my makeup bag, and has since turned rock hard. Even if this eyeliner was still creamy enough to use, I'm sure it isn't safe, hygienically speaking, so I'm tossing it out. A great eyeliner though, and one that doesn't get any of the hype it deserves.

Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo*^
Did you notice that I didn't have a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo in last month's empties? I certainly did! It's because I was using a jumbo sized can in the scent Eden, which lasted me almost two months! If the large cans were available in more than four scents, I'd definitely make the switch to using them exclusively, but I hate being limited by scent selection, so I'll generally be picking up the smaller cans from now on. Eden is a lovely floral scent, probably my second or third favorite Batiste scent. I'd buy it again, but I'm currently using a can of the Sweetie scent at the moment.

Bath&BodyWorks Rose Fine Fragrance Mist*
I used to hate rose fragrances, especially pure rose ones, but I think I've matured into them. I loved Bath&BodyWorks' Rose Fine Fragrance Mist from the first spritz last March until the last spritz a few days ago, and I've missed it since! I'm definitely planning on picking it up again soon, as it's the perfect year round daily scent for me. 

Black is Back is pretty much the only nail polish I use nowadays, so I go through a bottle of it quite quickly. This isn't the best nail polish formula on the market, but it's only $3 or so, so I won't complain about it's less than stellar wear time. I've already picked up another bottle, and will continue to for the foreseeable future. 

Verso Antioxidant Turmeric Booster
I really enjoyed the texture of Verso's Antioxidant Turmeric Booster, but that's about it. This lightweight serum was hydrating, and felt nice on the skin, but I can't for the life of me understand why this product is $145! The ingredient list is astoundingly simple, and so heavily fragranced that I found it unpleasant to use. I got three uses out of this 2ml sample packet, which was enough to tell me that this is a ridiculously overpriced hydrating serum. 

Products marked with an ^ were sent to me as press samples. 

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