Mecca Beauty Loop Box - Summer 2019

I'm finally getting around to posting about my Summer 2019 Mecca Beauty Loop Box, which I picked up nearly two weeks ago. I was painfully uninspired by this box, and kept putting off writing about it. I figured I needed to get a post up quick before it was nearly time for next quarter's box, so click through to read more about my thought on the four products that came in this season's Beauty Loop Box!

Elemis Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream Oil
Deluxe Sample (2ml) - $5.73
Full Size (30ml) - $86
Elemis seems to be a universally loved brand, so I'm excited to try this sample! I love the sound of a cream oil consistency, and have been interested in adding more peptide-rich products to my skincare routine. After browsing the ingredients, I can't say that this product looks particularly intriguing, but nevertheless I'm looking forward to having my first foray into Elemis products. 
Verso Antioxidant Turmeric Booster
Sample (2ml) - $9.26
Full Size (30ml) - $139
Verso is a Swedish luxury skincare brand that I've seen a lot on Instagram, but have heard very few actual reviews on. I was initially very interested in trying this booster serum, but after having a glance at the ingredients, I'm skeptical. Now, there isn't anything wrong with this serum's formula, it actually seems quite nice - I can't help but notice there isn't any turmeric in it? I'm wary of any product that falsely advertises a trendy ingredient in it's name but doesn't actually include it. 
Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturizer
Deluxe Sample (5ml) - $4.90
Full Size (50ml) - $49
Another massively popular brand I've never tried before is Origins! Moisturizers seem to be this brand's forte, so I was looking forward to giving the Original Skin Matte Moisturizer a go! I've already used this 5ml sample up, and it left me perplexed. I found the gel cream texture very pleasing, and it created an immediate, short lived feeling of cool hydration on the skin. And then...nothing. Like I applied nothing. I was not impressed.
Stila Patina Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick
Deluxe Sample (1.5ml) - $16
Full Size (3ml) - $32
Yinz know I've never been a liquid lipstick fan, and frankly I'm getting tired of receiving mini liquid lipsticks as gwps and in subscription boxes. I know they have mass appeal, and they give me an opportunity to try more formulas and maybe find one I do enjoy...but I just feel so over these. Stila's Patina Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is a bestseller, but I don't personally find the cool pink shade flattering, so I'll be passing this on. 

Total Value:
Honestly, I think this is the most disappointing Beauty Loop Box I've received. None of the products truly appeal to me, and I feel like the curation of products was lacking compared to previous boxes. I won't be receiving at least the next Beauty Loop, if not more, as I'm no where near my annual spend, and I'm not really in a rush to get there. That'll probably change when I see spoilers for next season's box, but for now I'm not too cut up about parting ways with the program. 

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