Out with the Old - December 2018 Empties

December was an all around bad month for me. The holidays were busy and stressful, it's frequently been well over 100F/39C, and I'm fighting my first ever battle with fungal acne (which is not as disgusting as it sounds, but difficult to deal with!). My skincare and makeup routines have been greatly paired back, so I haven't really been able to test products or use much up. Several of the ten products featured in this month's empties are clear outs - shit I don't want or need any more. I didn't even finish a can of Batiste! Anyway, reviews will be linked where application, and products I intend to repurchase will be marked with an asterisk (*) as always. Click through to read more about my final empties of 2018 (happy new year, by the way!). 

Ombra SPf 50 Sensitive Sunscreen
We bought this sunscreen during our January 2017 road trip to Adelaide, and it was awful. Genuinely one of the worst sunscreens I've ever used - thick, pasty, oily, and it clung to itself, balling up and rolling off the skin, making reapplication practically impossible. We barely used it and risked the sunburn instead. We haven't touched it in two years so it's time to toss this awful product out.

I adored this charcoal grey liner from Marc Jacobs! The formula is exquisite - easy to apply and long wearing without being difficult to remove. I thought I didn't really like grey liner, and figured I'd finish it's brown counterpart first, so I was pretty surprised to use Irony up quicker! I wouldn't repurchase this shade in particular, but I'd definitely buy more of Marc Jacob's Highliners.

Pixi's Flawless&Poreless is one of my all time favorite products, ever. This primer gives my skin such a perfected, even appearance with just a hint of glow. I actually wear it as a standalone product on a regular basis. I've been missing Flawless&Poreless since I ran out early in December - it's my highest repurchase priority at the moment.

I almost exclusively wear black nail polish, and I go through a few bottles of Essence's Black is Back a year. This is far from the best nail polish I've tried, but it's just a few bucks and wears decently enough that I keep coming back to it.

Andalou Naturals Instant Age Defying Mask*
I've been hearing about Andalou products for ages, but the brand only just recently launched in Australia. I picked up this individual mask pod as my first foray into the brand and really liked it! The Instant Age Defying Mask is a berry infused gel mask that strongly resembles jam. This mask was lightly hydrating and had a mild brightening effect on my skin. I'd probably buy this again, and I'm definitely interested to try more from this brand 

Nexxus Encapsulate Caviar Serum^
There have been a couple Nexxus products that I've loved over the years, but the Encapsulate Caviar Serum was not one of then. While this hair serum looked really cool in the bottle, and it smelled amazing - like a Russian church on Easter, it did shit all for my hair. Nothing. 

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
Golden Wonder is one of Lush's most popular holiday releases, and frankly I don't get the hype. This golden gift shaped bath bomb creates very pretty blue water with plenty of gold glitter, but the scent was less than appealing - to me it smelled vaguely of a public bathroom. Not for me.

White Glo Whitening Films^
I received these teeth whitening strips as a PR sample last year and rarely reached for them. Whitening just isn't really my thing. I used them up over the holidays, mainly to just get them out of my way. I don't feel like these Whitening Films had a significant impact on my teeth, and they were extremely uncomfortable to wear. I wouldn't recommend these. 

Soap&Glory Breakfast Scrub*
Soap&Glory's Breakfast Scrub has been my favorite body scrub for the last couple of years - I believe this is my third tub! The sweet scent and mix of sugar, salt, and walnut shell granules make it a pleasant and effective bath time treat. I'm planning to pick up another during my next trip to Mecca. 

Mecca Max Nude City Slicker Tinted Oil
Speaking of Mecca, this is the only product I've tried from their in house brand, and I hate it! Mecca Max's City Slicker Tinted Oil is a mess of a product, it oozes out of the tube no matter which way I store it, slides out of the lip line, and smells and tastes like petrochemicals. Aside from the cute pink packaging, I don't like anything about it and just wanted it out of my way. I'm tired of cleaning up it's spills! 

Total Products Finished in 2018:

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Products marked with an ^ were sent to me as PR Samples

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