Products I've Hit Pan On - End of 2018 Update

 My final Products I've Hit Pan On update of 2018 is already here! It feels like forever since my last update in September, yet my December 2017 update feels relatively recent. I'm sure you'll notice that 2018's end of year update looks completely different from last year's - only two products carry over! Click through to read about my panning progress from the last three months.

                                                                Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow 
Half Baked is one of three new-comers in this post! Half Baked, a gorgeous metallic gold, is one of Urban Decay's most iconic shades, and I can't get enough of it! Now that the weather is warm (verging on quite hot), this shade makes an effortless beautiful standalone shadow. I'm going through it quite quickly and I'll sincerely miss it when it's gone! 

I've made a huge amount of progress on Bootycall - more than the photo shows, actually! I've easily tripled the amount of visible pan, and have hit complete side pan on one side. I've been using Bootycall as a quick all-over shadow or as a highlighter. I'm pretty confident it'll be gone soon.

I don't feel like the increase in visible pan reflects how often I've been using Urban Decay's Tease! I use this matte taupe almost religiously as a brow powder and a crease shade, so I'm mostly just taking little dabs of it here and there. I've definitely doubled my pan progress on it, but I feel like I'm no where near finishing this shadow. 

Not pictured since I can't depot it (oh I've tried), I've made ok progress on YDK. I've opened up a bit more pan, in a very weird shape, but I haven't been using it often. The whole shadow is quite thin, so I think if I commit to it, I could finish YDK very quickly. We'll have to see - I'm not in a hurry to use it up.

Blackout doesn't show a ton of natural progress, despite being used pretty much every day to outline and set my gel liner - just like Tease I'm usually just touching my brush to it, barely picking up product. I had previously chipped a corner, which has crumbled a little more, but I'm not really counting that towards progress. 

I've easily doubled the size of pan showing in Essence's Almost Peachy Velvet Eyeshadow! I use this warm cream shade to blend out the edges of my eye looks every day, so progress is quite consistent. That being said, I'm pretty sure I have several more months of use left in this shadow. 

Laqa+Co Peacher's Daughter B-Lighter
Another newcomer to my project pan, I've been using Laqa+Co's Peacher's Daughter "B-Lighter" (blush/highlighter) most days for a quick on-and-done cheek and I love the look, but not the lasting power! This cream blush/highlighter can't last longer than three or four hours on me. Unfortunate, because it's seriously beautiful. I think I may finish this mini size before the end of the year. 

Pixi's Correction Concentrate is one of my all time favorite products, so it's no surprise that I've hit pan on it - again! I've been using this peachy corrector since February or March, and only recently hit the bottom of it. If it's anything like my last pot, I'll have enough to carry me through the majority of 2019. 

I made a decision regarding my Urban Decay Naked 2 conundrum that I spoke about in my September update. I'm going to be retiring my palette at the end of the year. I know that I'm receiving a new palette for Christmas with a similar color scheme, and there's no need for me to have two comparable palettes in rotation. I've gotten more than my money's worth out of my Naked 2 during our 6 years together (crazy, I still remember how I felt buying it!), and I've hit pan on 5 shades and finished two others completely. I'll more than likely hold on to it for sentimental reasons, though. Obviously I won't be updating my pan progress on this palette anymore - but you can look back on it's panning journey spanning back to March 2017!
What products are you hitting pan on?

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