Out with the Old - September 2018 Empties

September was a very successful empties month for me! I finished off fifteen products (with the help of Morgan) this month, which is a handful more than usual. Click through for mini reviews on all 15 products. As always, products I intend on repurchasing, or already have, are marked with an asterisk (*)! 

Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Hand Food Hand Cream*
Mini tubes of Soap&Glory's Hand Food are littered around our house, and this one from my bedside table has been finished. I love the rich, hydrating formula of this hand cream, and the sweet citrus scent of Sugar Crush is a great bonus. I already have at least two more tubes of Hand Food floating around, and I'm sure there will be many more to come in the future.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion
I received this sample ages ago, and finally pulled it out to use. The 5ml sachet was just enough to moisturize my legs after shaving, and it left them feeling smooth and soothed. The formula was much thicker than I expected, almost like a midway point between a lotion and body butter. I'm pretty faithful to Soap&Glory lotions, but if I needed something more affordable in the future I'd keep the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion in mind.

I'm not really one for styling my hair, but when I muster the energy to create anything more detailed than the most simple bun or ponytail, I want it to stay! Kenra's High Grip Hair Spray did a great job at keeping my styles in shape even in the Australian heat. I'm currently using up another Kenra hair spray, but I could see myself going back to High Grip in the future.

Bath&BodyWorks Paris Amour Shower Gel
I had this little travel sized bottle of Paris Amour Shower Gel in my travel bag for years - so long that it's in the old old packaging! This mini bottle traveled the world with me, but I decided to use it up since the scent was starting to change. Paris Amour was always one of my favorite Bath&BodyWorks scent, and each use of this shower gel left me feeling nostalgic. It will be missed.

Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation*
I've never really paid attention to Josie Maran as a brand, but when a beauty instagrammer I follow (I can't for the life of me remember who, if I do I'll update with a link to his account) repeatedly raved about how natural and glowy the Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation looked, I had to try it! I requested a sample in the shade Supernatural, which turned out to be a near perfect match. I was hooked from the first application - the formula was sheer but buildable, with an extremely dewy, bright finish. Wear time wasn't impeccable, but it was good enough to get me through most days. I definitely want to pick up a full size! 

Batiste Floral Dry Shampoo*
This month's can of Batiste Dry Shampoo was in the relatively new (I think) Floral scent. While florals aren't typically my scent of choice, the bright flower print caught my eye, and I couldn't help but be curious. This dry shampoo had a powdery yet fresh floral scent that I enjoyed well enough. I felt like Floral had a more stubborn white cast than most Batiste Dry Shampoos I've tried in the past, but it was still usable. I don't think I'd buy this scent again, but I'll continue to repurchase Batiste time after time.

The Ordinary's Plant Derived Squalane just wasn't for me. This facial oil was too much for my normal to combo skin, and often caused other products to pill. I liked it as a mix-in product, but now that I've finished it off, I don't miss it. I've moved on to a lighter facial oil that's better suited to my needs.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara is so divisive, and I lean heavily towards the dislike side of the debate. This mascara creates big, dark lashes for me, but it just doesn't last! Better Than Sex flakes awfully and can't hold a curl for it's life. I don't think I'll be using is mascara again in the future. 

Manna Kadar HD Perfecting Powder
I flew through this mini pressed powder! Less than two weeks after it made it's first appearance in my September Products I've Hit Pan on Post that remaining product shattered and I ended up tossing it out. This is one of the better HD powders that I've tried, but it wasn't loved enough to warrant a repurchase.

Absent from the photo because it was Morgan's work bottle, we've gone through bottle after bottle of Neutrogena Beach Defense with no intent to stop. This is our absolute favorite sunscreen - it protects us from the sun, has a pleasant formula, and is quite affordable, especially for the size. I'm currently testing out a different Neutrogena SPF, but I'll be right back on Beach Defense when I'm done with it.

I wanted to love Glossier's Lip Gloss so badly! I love a patent shine lip, and Glossier's clear gloss certainly provided that, but never for more than an hour at a time, despite it's super goopy formula. I felt foolish for being completely sucked in by the aesthetic and paying for such a pricey clear gloss - and I felt even worse about losing about a quarter of the product to random leakage. Frankly, I'm glad I finished it relatively quickly.

Bath&BodyWorks Midnight Blue Citrus Candle*^
I've been burning Bath&BodyWorks' Midnight Blue Citrus Candle on and off since March and now that it's gone I miss it's complex, cologne-y citrus scent. I believe this scent is part of the permanent lineup of candles, and if so I'll likely buy it again - though it won't be as eyecatching without the snazzy limited edition jar. 

Bath&BodyWorks Fresh Sea Salt Mango Shower Gel
This was Morgan's shower gel for the last several months (though I was known to swipe it from time to time!). Fresh Sea Salt Mango had an intoxicating tropical scent and a gorgeous bright aqua hue that looked lovely in our shower.  He's decided to move on to a different shower gel, but we both enjoyed this one.

ELF Eyelash Curler*
I've been pretty devoted to ELF's Eyelash Curler over the years  - it's the perfect size and shape for my eyes, and at $4AUD I don't feel bad about replacing it when it loses it's tension. This was my second one, I believe, and it lasted me at least three years. I already picked up a replacement! 

Hask Coconut Oil Nourishing Shine Oil*
I've purchased a couple of vials of Hask's Coconut Oil Nourishing Shine Oil, and I've enjoyed it every time. This oil treatment keeps my knotty hair soft, silky, and manageable, while imparting a soft coconut scent. I have a serious gap in my hair care routine without it and I'm looking forward to repurchasing!

What have you finished lately?


Products marked with an ^ were sent to me as pr samples or gifted by brands. 

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