Spring Goals

Honestly I usually find Goals posts kinda cheesy and boring to read - I almost always skip them unless they come from one of my favorite must-read bloggers. Naturally, I never expected to write one both for the reason stated above and also because I have a hard time believing more than a handful of my readers are particularly interested in me as a person. On the flip side, I tend to keep a pretty open dialog about goals with a select group of friends, and the Spring Goals I set for myself a few weeks ago were well received, so I thought maybe they were worth sharing...so...here they are!

1. Get Up Early.
When I have something specific to wake up for, I do a great job of rolling out of bed with my first alarm, but if I don't have anything planned I can sleep from midnight to noon without noticing. I completely realise how much time it wastes, so I'm making a concerted effort to wake up earlier. At first I aimed to wake up at the same time as Morgan - 5:30AM, but that gives me a bit TOO much time and I'm left feeling directionless between 3pm and dinner time. Getting up between 8-8:30 seems to be the magic time for me - I can fill my day and feel well rested. I haven't managed to get up on time every day, but I'm doing a decent job at it.

2. Pilates Twice a Day.
I have an afternoon Pilates sesh pretty much every day, but with summer coming I've decided to add a second shorter session to my mornings. I'm proud to say that I've been sticking to it very well and haven't missed a day since setting the intentioni n the last week of August. That'll likely change when I get my period and am too crampy to workout, but I'm feeling confident that I'll keep to my routine. Currently I'm doing a stretch video and a self made routine of 15 reps of 12 moves, mainly targeting the abs. In the evening, I'm doing the Blogilates 100 Squat Challenge and one or two of her ab videos as well. I feel like I'm pretty on point with this goal.

3. Post Three Times a Week.
Probably the goal I'm having the hardest time achieving. Ever since I moved to Australia two and a half years ago I've struggled to find the time and motivation to blog the way I used to (which is crazy considering I worked full time at home and live the housewife life here). The desire is certainly there, but for some reason I struggle to actually make it happen. I've been posting once a week pretty regularly, but I'd love to work my way up to five times a week - so for now I'm shooting for three times a week as a middle ground. I've also been toying with a rebrand since my international move, but I'm yet to pull the trigger - I have a rough plan of action, but I need to pencil in the time to do all the tedious behind the scenes work that will come with it. I'm trying.

4. Plant a Herb Garden.
I love herbs, both for cooking and for aesthetics, so I've long dreamed of having a little herb and edible flower garden. I started the project last spring but lost my culinary violets and pansies to weather and my basil to a rude neighbor (my lavender and parsley are still intact!). I'm hoping to restart my garden in the upcoming weeks - I've been collecting jars to use as planters and worked out a rough budget - all I need to do is take a trip to Bunnings for seeds and soil. Would anyone be interested in reading about my gardening adventures?

5. Bake More.
Another goal I'm making great progress on - expanding my baking repertoire. I worked as a cook for years and consider myself more than competent in the kitchen, but I've done very little baking beyond quick five ingredient brownies, pizza dough, and the occasional lemon poppyseed loaf or mini biscottis. My goal is to bake twice a week - one dessert and one bread. I've been making a variety of cookies and Julia Child's French Bread (which I turn into glorious garlic bread on pasta Tuesdays!), but I've also made some delicious pretzel rolls and lava cakes. I'm quite pleased with all my baked goods so far, but I'm still struggling to find confidence in trying new recipes and techniques. I'll get there with time, I suppose. If you have any easy-to-moderate bread recipes please leave them in the comments!

So those are the five goals I hope to achieve during Spring! What are you hoping to accomplish this season?


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