Products I've Hit Pan On - September 2018

Hey guys, checking in with my third quarter Products I've Hit Pan On post! You'll notice that this group of products is quite different from the ones in my June update because I finished two of them - Urban Decay's Foxy Eyeshadow and Rimmel's InstaFix+Matte Powder, and tossed another - ColourPop's Spoon Highlighter. Three new products have found their way in as well! Click through for more on the seven Products I've Hit Pan On!

First up is Urban Decay's Bootycall, which I hit pan on last year but didn't get much use out of for a while. I've started using this lovely shimmering champagne shade as a highlighter instead of an eyeshadow and I've started to blow through it, more than doubling the amount of exposed pan! I've fallen in love with Bootycall as a highlighter, so I think I may finish it before my next update. 

I've also made great progress on Tease! This matte taupe has been my dedicated crease shade over the last three months, and on particularly lazy days, an all over shadow. I at least doubled that amount of visible pan on Tease, and hope to make similar progress over the next few months. 

I'm very proud of my progress on Suspect! I've learned to love this shimmering taupe for a one-shadow look, or paired with Tease for a little more dimension. I've nearly tripled the amount of pan showing, and have even used up two sides of the shadow - it's now separated into a north and south portion in the pan. I'm focusing on the top half of the shadow currently, but I aim to use it entirely up before the next update. 

I had always assumed YDK would be the first shadow I'd hit pan on in my Naked2 palette, but its actually the most recent. When I first bought the palette almost five years ago, I used it religiously as a lid shade, but it slowly fell out of favor over time. I've started using it here and there and hit pan on it quite quickly. You may wonder why I didn't include a photo of it above. Well, it's because it's only shade that hasn't come unglued from my Naked2, and I can't get it out! I tried several methods to depot YDK and it's just too stubborn - I damaged two corners of it, and decided it wasn't worth the casualty. The amount of pan visible is small, but the shadow is quite thin, so I feel like what's left will go quickly.

I use Blackout every day to map out where I want my gel liner to go, and then to set the gel after its been applied, so its no surprise I have an angle-brush shaped sliver of pan peeking through. At the rate I use Blackout, it'll take me years to finish it off, which is fine by me - it's the best black shadow I've ever used. (The corner pan was due to my own clumsiness and doesn't count, of course!)

Essence's Almost Peachy has become my replacement for Urban Decay's Foxy eyeshadow. In my June update I had only barely hit pan, but as you can see it's expanded quickly. I'm sure I have several more months worth of product, but this powder eyeshadow does seem to be going quicker than usual. 

Manna Kadar HD Perfecting Powder 
I've been working on this deluxe mini HD Powder since right after I posted my last update, and hit pan on it probably three or four days before this one. Historically, I haven't really loved the white HD powders, but this one from Manna Kadar is actually really nice - it's finely milled and blurs the skin nicely without leaving a dry white cast. I'm hoping to finish it up pretty quickly, as I have several other powders to use.

So that's my panning progress for the last three months! Now that I've completely used up one shade from my Urban Decay Naked2 palette, and hit pan on five others (nearly six!), I'm starting to contemplate the future of the palette. I've had my Naked2 for so long that I've developed a bit of an emotional attachment to it, weird as that may sound, but I need to be rational about it. I've decided that once I use up the six shades I use often, I'll be tossing the rest of the palette. The remaining five shades are rarely touched, and I don't want to force myself to use them for the sake of it. How do you handle panning palettes? Do you toss the shades you don't touch, or do you trudge through and finish them all off? Please let me know.

What products are you hitting pan on?

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