Mecca Beauty Loop Box - Winter 2018

After loving my first Beauty Loop Box in April, I couldn't wait to snap up my Winter Beauty Loop Rewards box! I picked mine up yesterday and was quite surprised by it's contents - I had peeked around on Instagram and saw lots of product combos, but not the one I received! Click through for my thoughts on what came in this quarter's box.

Single Pack - $5.50
Eight Pack - $44
Out of the four products in this quarter's Beauty Loop Box, these Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gels are the only one that I've previously tried. These depuffing patches have something of a cult following, but personally I don't get all the fuss. While these patches do feel cooling and comforting, I don't feel like they deliver any actual results. I'll use these, but I have to say I was disappointed to find these in my box. 
Too Faced Hangover Rx Setting Spray
Deluxe Sample (2ml) - $2.30
Full Size (40ml) - $46
Initially I though this was a sample of the primer, which has been on my radar for a while, but I was surprised to find that its actually the accompanying setting spray. This sample is super tiny, and comes housed in a tiny perfume sample style vial that barely spits out a drop of product at a time, making it impossible to truly trial this setting spray. This went from the most exciting to least exciting sample in the box so quickly. If it was slightly larger and actually functional, I would've been thrilled to try this setting spray, but it's just too small to actually use. Cute tho.
Goldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub
Deluxe Sample (5ml) - $5.50
Full Size (100ml) -$110
Goldfaden MD is a brand I'm aware of, but I've never really looked into their products, or even read blog reviews about because they're so far out of my price range. I'm not particularly interested in scrubs - I only use a physical exfoliant once a week (or even less frequently), but I'm a bit intrigued by "ruby crystals" being the main exfoliating granules. I'll definitely be subbing the Doctor's Scrub into my skincare routine later this week. 
NARS Let's Go Crazy Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
Deluxe Sample (1.8g) - $29.25
Full Size (2.4g) - $39
NARS Let's Go Crazy Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is obviously the star of the Winter 2018 Beauty Loop Box! This nearly full sized lip crayon (almost $30 in value!) is a bright fuchsia shade that isn't really my taste, but will be fun to try. I've received these deluxe sized NARS lip pencils before as Sephora birthday gifts, and they last forever!

Total Value: 
Nothing in this quarter's Beauty Loop Box is particularly exciting for me, but I'm excited to try everything out  - particularly the Goldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub. Even though they aren't appealing to me personally, I feel like Mecca did a good job at curating the box - there's a great skincare/makeup balance. Leave a comment telling me what you got in your Mecca Beauty Loop Box! 

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