Glossier Lip Gloss Review+Swatches

Glossier says "We took everything you love about lip gloss, got rid of everything you don’t, and formulated the perfect Lip Gloss. Our formula gives lips one thing: cushiony, crystal clear shine—no gluey feeling, no stickiness, no grittiness, no glitter. The fuzzy doe-foot applicator glides on a delightfully lightweight layer for a comfortable, glassy finish that won’t disappear after an hour (oooh yeeeah). And because it’s Glossier, your lips stay soft and hydrated thanks to moisturizing Vitamin E. Shine on, friend." Originally piece of a limited edition collection, but now a permanent part of Glossier's range, Lip Gloss contains 4.2ml and retails for $14USD. Glossier products are cruelty free and made in Canada.

Glossier's photogenic packaging is almost iconic, you'll be hard pressed to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing their products lined up in a neatly curated shelfie, or tossed casually in the background of a latte pic. It's gorgeous - in photos, but so underwhelming in person. I'm so disappointed by the cheapness of Glossier's packing. The Lip Gloss comes housed in a clear tube with a white twist on cap, the Glossier logo printed in large letters on one side. A plush, oversized flat doefoot applicator is included; it works perfectly for my full lips, but I can see it being too large for those with thin lips. My main complain about Glossier's Lip Gloss packaging is that it isn't purse friendly - it leaks when stored horizontally, no matter how tightly I twist the cap. A lip gloss seems kinda pointless if you can't bring it along with you, doesn't it?

I was infatuated with Lip Gloss from the moment I saw it in the promo photos for Glossier's Holiday 2016 Black Tie Set. In a sea of matte liquid lipsticks, here was this crystal clear, glassy gloss - the kind of lip product I loved in my mid teens, that'd fallen completely out of fashion. And Glossier was trying to make it cool again!! I was completely sucked in by the aesthetic, and now a year and a half later, I can't believe I paid $14 of my own dollars for a clear lip gloss. Glossier's Lip Gloss has a thick, sticky formula that appears as a translucent pink in the tube, but it applies completely clear, with a plush patent shine that makes lips look smooth, full, and luscious. While Glossier describes their Lip Gloss as "non sticky" and "long lasting", I've found it to be completely the opposite. This dense gloss is a complete magnet for hair and particles, and its extremely transfer prone (and difficult to remove from your coffee mug!). This gloss can last around two hours, if you're completely still, but realistically you're looking at a half an hour of wear at best before you'll need to reapply. Each reapplication seems to use a significant amount of product - I can see the remaining gloss visibly lessen with each use, and I'm running through my tube very quickly. Glossier's Lip Gloss has a slight vanilla scent, but no noticeable flavor.
Glossier's Lip Gloss is all aesthetic and no functionality. Please don't be as much of a fool for aesthetics as I was. Save your money and buy any other clear lip gloss from the drugstore - Wet n Wild's Glassy Glosses have a very similar effect at a fraction of the price - in fact you can probably buy the whole range for less than the cost of Glossier's Lip Gloss. Over time, I've found Glossier to be really questionable for a number of reasons (not limited to their cult like rep program), and this gloss hasn't helped my opinion on the brand. Skip the Glossier Lip Gloss, it's an overpriced and overrated product for sure.

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Octyldodecanol, Polybutene, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Fragrance, Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Red 6 (CI 15850)

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