Products I've Hit Pan On - March 2018

The first three months of 2018 have flown by and it's already time for my quarterly Products I've Hit Pan On update! If you've been keeping up with my panning progress you'll see that three products from my past updates are no longer with me! In the last three months I managed to finish up my never-ending mini pan of Benefit Hoola Bronzer, which was featured in EIGHT Products I've Hit Pan On posts! I also completely used up Bobbi Brown's Corrector, and decluttered Pixi's Emerald Gold Mesmerizing Mineral Palette after realising it was no longer part of my aesthetic. Click through to read about the progress I made on the five remaining products and one new addition in my little project pan.

I've easily doubled the amount of visible pan in Foxy and I think it's safe to say that it's nearing an end. I use Foxy nearly every day, and I've started to look for a replacement for this warm creamy shade. I'm fairly certain that I'll finish this eyeshadow before the next update.

Bootycall doesn't have much visible progress, which is surprising to me! I felt like I was using this champagne shimmer eyeshadow pretty regularly, but it doesn't seem to show. I expect to put a better dent in it by my update post in June.

Tease has been my go-to crease shade for months now, so its no surprise that I've doubled the amount of pan showing through! I've noticed a decline in this eyeshadow's performance recently, it seems to be getting patchier and more difficult to work with. My Naked2 palette is quite old, so I shouldn't be too surprised that Tease it's losing it's potency. I hope to have Tease nearly gone by the start of next quarter.

Suspect is the opposite of Bootycall for me this quarter - I feel like I've barely used this shimmering taupe eyeshadow, but it's visible pan is much bigger than it was back in December's post. The handful of times that I have reached for Suspect, I absolutely loved this look I ended up with, so I intend on using it more. Hopefully I'll make a lot of progress before my next post.

ColourPop Spoon SuperShock Highlighter
I rarely reach for ColourPop's Spoon Highlighter - in fact I promised myself in my last update that I'd toss it if I didn't make much progress on it by now. I didn't end up making much progress at all, but I can't bring myself to throw Spoon away - when I do use it, it's so beautiful! The amount of visible pan has definitely expanded, but I only used this highlighter maybe five times over the last three months. I don't expect to get much more use of out Spoon before June's update. We'll have to see, I guess.

The only new addition in this quarter's Products I've Hit Pan On post, I've been flying through this pressed powder! I hit pan on Rimmel's newest powder after just a few uses, and the visible pan gets bigger with each use. I'm not really a fan of this white mattifying powder, so I'm trying to use it up and get it out of the way - hopefully it'll be gone before my next post.

What products are you hitting pan on?

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