Out with the Old - February 2018 Empties

February was an endlessly hectic month for me! A friend from back home made last minute plans to spend a week in Sydney, and I spent most of my time planning and preparing for his visit, enjoying my time with him, or recuperating from all of our adventures together - I'm not sure what needed more rest, my head or the arches of my feet! Throughout this short month, I managed to finish an impressive (in my opinion) SEVENTEEN products! Surely these big empty months will be coming to an end soon - but until then, click through to read more about the products I finished in February! As always, the products I plan to repurchase, or already have, are marked with an asterisk (*).

This was my second bottle of my new favorite sunscreen, and I'm already well into my third! This waterproof sunscreen provides great sun protection and it's dewy finish makes my skin look beautiful! I intend to buy a bottle every time it's on sale so I'm never without it.

Catrice Lash/Brow Designer Gel
I've had this clear brow gel for ages! Three years? Nearly four? I'm not sure! I used this colorless brow gel on no/low makeup days to create a little shape in my brows. While Catrice's Lash/Brow Designer served it's purpose, it didn't stand out to me in anyway. I'd always intended to review it, but I didn't think a post that read "well, it works" was worth it. I wouldn't repurchase this brow gel, but it's not bad - a solid, affordable choice.

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo*^
I love Batiste Dry Shampoos, but Original is not my preferred scent or formula. The bergamot and musk scent was a little overpowering and almost elderly in my opinion - and the formula is different from other scents that I've tried. Batiste's Original Dry Shampoo had much more powder to it and left my hair with a strong white cast. I'll continue to purchase Batiste's Dry Shampoos, they're my favorite by far, but I'll be avoiding the Original scent in the future.

Covergirl sent me a tube of this mascara a couple of years ago and I loved it, but always repurchased my old stand by, Clump Crusher instead of it. When Clump Crusher was out of stock during my last mascara top up I grabbed SuperSizer and my love for it was rekindled! This mascara creates full but separated lashes and almost never flakes. A couple new mascaras have come my way, but SuperSizer is definitely a candidate for repurchase in the future.

McArthur's Foaming Facial Cleanser was a good standard face wash that I enjoyed while I had it, but not enough to repurchase it. I liked the non stripping foam formula, but towards the end of the product I was bored of it and just wanted to finish it off.

BioRepublic Green Tea Detox Purifying Fiber Mask*
I'm not much of a sheet mask user honestly, but out of the few that I've tried so far the BioRepublic Green Tea Detox has been the best! The cut and fit of this sheet mask is just terrible, it sags down under my chin and tore easily with barely any manipulation, but it did manage to stay put for the entire 20 minute wear time. While the fit was beyond subpar, the essence was amazing! This sheet mask left my skin dewy and very plump! I doubted it's ability to ~detox~ the skin, but I did have a couple easily extracted and quick healing whiteheads the morning after using this sheet mask. Perhaps it was a coincidence, but either way I actually really liked this mask!

BioRepublic Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Fiber Mask
After loving the Green Tea Detox mask above, I had high hopes for the Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Fiber Mask, but it fell pretty flat for me. This sheet mask wore well, but I didn't notice any results from it aside from some hydration. A completely average, not bad (but not impressive) sheet mask. If you're going to try a mask from BioRepublic, you should pick the Green Tea Detox mask instead.

I decided to replace my beloved Pixi Correction Concentrate with Bobbi Brown's famous Corrector and I was kinda underwhelmed. While this peach toned corrector did conceal my undereye circles fairly well, it was a little difficult to work with, and I used it up too quickly. I wouldn't write it off as a terrible product, but I wouldn't repurchase it either - I bought another pot of Pixi's corrector instead.

Beauty Essentials Be Pure Mud Mask
I bought this Priceline homebrand clay mask while I was short on cash and living in Adelaide, and I don't regret it! This is a great budget find (with one or two downsides). This clay mask has a thin consistency and lilac color that makes it resemble blueberry yogurt. Unfortunately, if left on too long this mask will stain the skin slightly pink, at least if you're as pale as me. The slight pink staining is totally worth the end result! Despite being just a couple of bucks, Priceline's clay mask contains a decent amount of acne fighting salicylic acid, making it an excellent spot treatment. I prefer other clay masks over the Beauty Essentials Be Pure Mud Mask, but if you only have some gold coins to spend, this is a good choice.

Bath&BodyWorks Twisted Peppermint Pocket Bac
Twisted Peppermint is my favorite holiday scent from Bath&BodyWorks, so when I ran low on hand sanitizer this scent was a nature choice. Sadly I don't think the scent suits the Australian holiday season as well as it does in the northern hemisphere. Instead of a refreshing burst of minty-ness, Twisted Peppermint was a cloying, sickly sweet scent during Sydney's blazing hot summer. If I buy a Twisted Peppermint Pocket Bac next year, I'll be saving it for winter weather for sure.

Soap&Glory Flake Away Body Polish
I picked up this tiny tub of body scrub while waiting in the checkout line at Mecca, mainly because I was curious about the differences between Soap&Glory's body scrubs. Turns out, they're almost the same, with the scent being the only variant. Flake Away features the brand's signature Pink scent, and offers a combination of salt, sugar, and peach pit powder to slough away dead skin. It's effective, but no different than The Breakfast Scrub, which I already own the full size of.

This is my final tube of my former favorite sunscreen. Ultra Sheer offers fantastic sun protection, but the formula is dry and a bit difficult to apply evenly. What really triggered the switch from Ultra Sheer to Beach Defence is the breakouts this thick, pasty sunscreen would cause. I can't use this sunscreen on my face without risking multiple whiteheads on my nose and chin. If I was in a pinch, I'd buy Ultra Sheer again - it certainly works and is reasonably priced, but I now much prefer Neutrogena's Beach Defence for it's lighter formula.

McArthur Skincare Replenishing Conditioner^
I don't tend to see big results from hair care, but McArthur's Replenishing Conditioner had a definite impact on my hair! This conditioner makes my hair so soft and assists in detangling my long, knotty hair. I have a lot of hair care to use up, but I could see myself picking up the Replenishing line McArthur again in the future.

I received this deluxe sized brow pencil in an Ipsy Bag nearly three years ago, and I've only just now finished it - but it wasn't for a lack of use! I've used It Cosmetics' Brow Power regularly since receiving it - it was just an endless pencil, I guess! I enjoyed this brow pencil for days when I wanted a bolder, more defined brow. I've repurchased a different brow pencil, but I could potentially go back to Brow Power in the future - it's not my favorite, but the value is great.

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb*
Big Blue lived on my wishlist for years, and I finally tried it! Why haven't I tried this bath bomb sooner? I loved everything about it! The color was beautiful and the scent was so intoxicating. I was very surprised by the amount of dried seaweed within the bath bomb (I still haven't cleaned the tub two days later. Oops). I can't effectively put into words how much I enjoyed Big Blue, and I'll definitely treat myself to it again in the future.

Revlon Extra Fast Nail Enamel Remover*
Not the most exciting product in my empties, but a very good one! Revlon's Extra Fast Nail Enamel Remover did, indeed, remove my nail polish quickly and efficiently. Nothing more to say. I'd buy it again.

Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus+White Tea Treatment Sheet Mask*
After a couple of nights of overindulgence, my skin was looking quite dull, so I decided to pull out this firming and hydrating sheet mask from Pur-Lisse to see what it could do for me and my stressed out skin. Turns out, it had a pretty impressive impact! This sheet mask was plumping and hydrating, and left my skin soft and bright. I was quite surprised by how saturated this mask was, and I was actually able to get a second application of essence out of the packet.

What have you finished lately?

Products marked with an ^ were sent to me as PR Samples

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