New Discoveries - February 2018

Welcome to my first New Discoveries post of 2018! Late last month my mum shipped me a big box of products I ordered and pr packages that showed up at her house, so I've got a lot of new stuff to play with. Now that a couple weeks have passed, I'm ready to share my highlights, the five best products out of everything I tried, plus one rediscovered love.

Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Cream*
As someone with dense, easily tangled hair, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about trying a 'thickening cream', but I actually love it! Hask's Biotin Boost Thickening Cream adds soft textured volume to my hair and somehow seems to keep it from tangling. This styler has a much bigger impact on short hair, like Dean's or Morgan's, creating even more lift and fullness. They've both been stealing dabs of it now again to spruce their hair up. 

I already had a short gush about Glossier's Wowder Brush in my Glossier Haul post, but I just wanted to quickly repeat my love for this powder brush! The Wowder Brush is the perfect shape, softness, and density for pressing any sort of powder onto the skin, and the travel sized handle is the perfect length (in my opinion). I really do love everything about this brush.

Cle de Peau Peach Beige Radiant Liquid Rouge*
Cle de Peau is an ultra luxurious high end brand that I was only vaguely familiar with before receiving this liquid lip color in an Influenster campaign. The Peach Beige Radiant Liquid Rouge is a thick, creamy, and comfortable gloss that's completely purse worthy (it's been my daily lip color for at least a week straight!). What I like even more than the formula is the shade! When I first apply Peach Beige it's a too warm, too orange shade that's quite unflattering, but it warms up into a soft coral pink that gives me the perfect Barbie lips look.

Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara
I've been testing three mascaras lately, and Excessive Lash is by far the best one (the only good one, in all honesty). This deep black mascara creates length and separation that mimic the appearance of false lashes without the weight and fussy application.

LeTan Uber Dark Sun Tanning Dry Oil*
I'm not much of one for tanning of any sort - whether it be faux tan, or laying out in the sun, so I wasn't very interested when I received a package of tanning oils from LeTan. That was, until I tried the Uber Dark Sun Tanning Dry Oil. This conveniently packaged spray on oil offers SPF 30 sun protection in a glossy, fast absorbing formula. While I'd never use this oil to assist in tanning, nor would I rely on it for adequate long term sun protection, I love the way it makes my look - shiny but not greasy. I also use a quick spritz of it on my arms before heading outside for short bursts of time (>20 min) to give me a little bit of protection - some spf is better than none at all, right?

Pixi Correction Concentrate
And now for my rediscovered love. I'd been without Pixi's Correction Concentrate for about a year and a half before I repurchased it last week, and I know for sure that I never want to be without it again! This peach toned corrector covers my dark circles with the smallest dab of product and it lasts all day - no creasing, no touch up required. My new pot of Correction Concentrate has rekindled my love for Pixi, and I crave more from the brand!

What's your latest beauty discovery? Share in the comments!

Products marked with an asterisk (*) were sent to me for review. Their inclusion in this post was not influenced by any third parties. 

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