Products I've Hit Pan On - December 2017

Hey guys. I'm checking in with my final Products I've Hit Pan on update for 2017! Way back in March I decided to do quarterly updates on my panning progress, and it seems like the year has gone by too quickly for me to be on my fourth update! If you've kept up with my panning posts over the years, you'll notice that a long time member of my Products I've Hit Pan on lineup is gone! My seemingly never ending Pixi Flawless Beauty Powder crumbled in the middle of last month, ending up in my November Empties. Though one of my long time products has finally passed on, I managed to add three new products to my 'panned list'. Click through to read more about them.

Present in pretty much every Products I've Hit Pan On post, Benefit's Hoola is still hanging in there. This cult classic bronzer seems like it'll never run out - and it's just a mini GWP sized pan! I haven't been doing a ton of bronzing over the last three months, but I've been using Hoola as a crease shade semi-regularly, so I have opened the pan up a little. I don't think my progress is very visible in my photo, but the remaining rim of product is certainly getting thinner.

Probably the product I've made the most progress on, Urban Decay's Foxy Eyeshadow is running out quick! This cream shade is my go-to eyeshadow for under the brow. I've at minimum doubled the visible pan. I'm not sure how much longer Foxy will last me - the way I use my Naked2 palette will change when it runs out. 

I've tapped into Suspect a few times since my update in September, but not enough to make a big impact on it's pan. When I first hit pan on Suspect, I couldn't really understand why, but now that I'm using this shimmering taupe more often, I recall my love for it in my early days of owning the Naked2 Palette - it's a beautiful standalone color. 

I always thought Bootycall would be the first shade I hit pan on in my Naked2, but it turned out to be my third. This shimmering champagne shade has had a major dip in it for years, but I finally struck silver so to speak back in October. The visible pan is growing slowly but surely.

Not long after hitting pan on Bootycall, Tease started to show it's pan as well, which was no big surprise to me. Tease is the only shade in Urban Decay's Naked2 Palette that I use as a crease shade, so you can only imagine that I get a ton of use out of this matte taupe. The visible pan isn't too large at the moment, but I'm willing to bet it'll open up quickly. 

I haven''t been using Pixi's Emerald Gold palette as much as I'd like to, but I've still doubled the amount of exposed pan on both the gold and ivory shades. Unfortunately I haven't made real progress towards panning the rest of the palette. Honestly I think I may toss the rest of the palette once the gold shade is completely used up - it's the only shade in the palette I use consistently. I'm tempted to keep it for the beautiful gilded teal shade though, so I may end up depotting that shadow.

ColourPop Spoon Highlighter
I genuinely don't think I've touched Spoon since my September update, and I'm not sure if I will before it's time for March's post. I just don't really like this overly glittery highlighter. I may end up tossing this product, since I rarely use it. If I haven't put more of a dent into it by the time my next Product's I've Hit Pan On post comes around, it's going to end up in the bin.

I was surprised to include Bobbi Brown's Corrector in this post because I haven't had it very long! I've blown through this peachy toned concealer in the five months that I've had it and I only have a thin ring of product left on the edges of the pan. I'd heard from a lot of people that this concealer is so highly pigmented that it lasts them years, but unfortunately that hasn't been the case for me. I highly doubt that this under eye corrector will make it to my March update. 

What products are you hitting pan on?

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