Out with the Old - October 2017 Empties

I finished just under a dozen products in October, a lot of which were long time favorites, with a peppering of products I actually hated. Click through for a look at my October Empties - as always, products I plan to repurchase have been marked with an asterisk (*).

Though it wasn't my first choice for my free Fresh Face Mask, I did end up enjoying Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic mask! At first, I found the pasty, thick texture difficult to work with, but after figuring out a quick fix for it, I came to love this calamine and blueberry mask. Catastrophe Cosmetic was quite soothing, and definitely reduced my redness with each use. While I'm on a bit of a mission to try as many of the Fresh Face Masks as I can, I think I'd pick this one up again in the future.

I liked but didn't love Jan Marini's C-Esta Face Serum. After weeks of use, all the way to the end of the bottle, I couldn't tell if this Vitamin C serum had an visible impact on my skin. I'm inclined to think that if I use a product to the last drop and can't tell if it has results, it isn't worth the money - especially if it clocks in at $136AUD.

Amie's Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash was a disaster for me. This scrubby, overly fragranced cleanser left my skin tight and irritated after every use. Aside from the packaging, there wasn't anything I liked about this cleanser. I decided to just can the remainder of my tube for my skin's sake.

Olay Oil Minimizing Toner
This alcohol and witch hazel concoction was my go-to toner for years before I became better educated in the ways of skincare. Since becoming more ingredient conscious, I switched to better products, but I still had this last bottle sticking around. I used it like rubbing alcohol, since that's pretty much all it is. Now that it's gone I won't repurchase. The end of an era, in a way.

Dr. G Sensitive BB Cream
I received this deluxe BB Cream sample in an Ipsy Bag, and at first I hated it! While the color match was nearly perfect, if a bit too grey-ish, the formula took some time to get used to. Dr. G's Sensitive BB Cream was thick and a little greasy - too much and it'd crease and slide worse than any base product I ever used. Eventually, I learned how to work with this BB Cream's formula, and came to love it's light-medium coverage and dewy finish - enough to consider purchasing a full size if it isn't too pricey.

Another Ipsy item, from all the way back in December 2015. That's how long this mini eyeshadow primer lasted me! I loved Elizabeth Mott's Thank Me Later, it's probably the best eye primer I've ever used - I rarely experienced creasing when wearing this primer, even on some insanely hot days. If it wasn't so difficult to get in Australia, I'd repurchase in a heartbeat (I can't even comprehend how long a full sized tube would last!), but for now I'll be sticking with the old classic, Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Maybelline's Better Skin is another favorite of mine. This liquid concealer was everything I could want in such a product. This medium to full coverage concealer was easy to work with and had a realistic healthy skin finish. Lasting power was never an issue, set or unset. What really made this product for me was the shade match - Fair was so close to the perfect color for my skin. Unfortunately, Maybelline only sells two shades of Better Skin here in Australia - and fair isn't one of them. I've petitioned the brand numerous times to offer more than "Light" and "Medium", but the request has fallen on ears even deafer than my own.

I guess October was all about finishing off my favorites, because Pixi's Black Noir Endless Silky Eye Pencil is my all time favorite pencil eyeliner! This creamy, easy to apply pencil liner is so deep, dark, and opaque it could pass for a liquid eyeliner any day. Whether applied on the lid, tightline, or waterline, Pixi's Black Noir had serious lasting power. I'm using up a few other black pencils at the moment, but when they're gone I'll be rushing out to David Jones to repurchase Pixi's Black Noir.

Bath&BodyWorks Don't Worry Bee Happy Pocket Bac
I was running low on the Pocket Bacs I'd brought with me in my move, so I asked my friend Taylor to grab one for me during a trip to Melbourne, and this is what he brought back for me. Don't Worry Bee Happy has an almost pungent, heady floral scent that I struggled to use. It was almost violently fragrant, I couldn't even believe it. I did like the little bee though, he was my pal.

Bath&BodyWorks Sweet Strawberries&Cream Pocket Bac
Another strongly scented, but more pleasant hand sanitizer. Sweet Strawberries&Cream had a fizzy strawberry and champagne (not sure where the cream was?) scent that I adored. If Bath&BodyWorks had made this scent in body care, I'd easily have snapped it up. I'm sad to see this one go.

I'm normally a fan of Hask products, so I was extra disappointed by their Chia Seed Dry Shampoo, which didn't do a damn (good) thing for me. This dry shampoo didn't add volume, nor did it help to absorb oil - all it did was give me sticky. white roots, which isn't really my style. Though the scent and can were both beautiful, I couldn't be bothered to finish this disappointing product - thankfully the nozzle began to give me issues, so I can toss it without feeling too guilty.

What have you finished lately?

Products marked with an (^) were sent to me as press samples

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