Products I've Hit Pan On - September 2017

Hey guys, checking in with my quarterly Products I've Hit Pan On update! I've had mixed success over the last three months; I made big progress on two products, and barely made a dent in a few others. If you've been keeping up over the months, you'll notice that I'm down a product! I decided to toss my Pixi Subtly Suntouched Bronzer in my August Empties because it was down to the very edges and difficult to pick product up - plus I was just kind of over it after all these years. Click through to see more of my panning progress!

It may not be very obvious, but I have made some progress on Pixi's Flawless Beauty Powder! Not a lot, but it's there. I've been really into my Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder for the last six weeks or so, so my Pixi powder hasn't been getting as much love as usual. I'm hoping for a lot more progress over next three months.

My never-ending mini Hoola pan may not show a lot of progress, but I have been reaching for it fairly often - not as a bronzer, but as a crease shade. The weather is getting warmer in Sydney, so I should be getting more use out of Benefit's iconic bronzer soon. I'd really love to finish Hoola and purchase Hoola Lite by the end of the year.

I'm finishing up Foxy fast! I've at least doubled the visible pan on this cream colored eyeshadow, and it's edges seem to be getting thinner with every use. I fear the day I run out of Foxy - I know it's an easily replaceable shade, but my Naked2 Palette will be so inconvenient without it.

Honestly, I've only dipped into Suspect a handful of times since my last update, so I've made barely any progress on this eyeshadow.

I've made the most panning progress here. I've opened up a lot more pan on the gold shade in the center of the palette, and I've now hit pan on the eggshell shade as well. I wasn't surprised when I hit pan on the second shade about two weeks ago, but I am surprised at how quickly that speck of silver is growing!

ColourPop Spoon Highlighter
I can't really tell how much progress I've made on this cream highlighter, because of the way it gets pushed around in the pan (I swear the heart shape wasn't staged!). I've definitely used it a fair few times over the last quarter, but it's been recently neglected in favor of my Marc Jacobs' Dew Drops, so I'm not sure how often I'll reach for Spoon in the upcoming months.

What products are you hitting pan on?


  1. You're doing so well! I honestly never hit pan on anything, maybe lip balms haha x

    Velvet Blush

    1. This is years of progress lol, I don't pan very often either.