Out with the Old - August 2017 Empties

 August was a good empties month for me. I polished off thirteen products over the course of the month, and it was a good variety of skincare, makeup, bath, and so on. Click through to read about my September Empties.

This is my third bottle of Complete Defence, and definitely not my last (seeing as I'm well into my fourth bottle, with a fifth under the sink waiting for me). This is my ideal facial sunscreen for a multitude of reasons - it's well formulated, effective, it dries quickly, and it's reasonably priced. I've yet to have a sunburn while wearing this facial sunblock and that's what really matters.

Olay Sensitive Moisturizing Cream 
This isn't a product that I've used regularly, but it's a favorite of Dean's when his skin is dry and flaky. This is a rich, fragrance free cream that's completely no-frills, but very effective for soothing and moisturizing the skin. I wouldn't personally repurchase this, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up on my sink top again, thanks to Deano.

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Comforting Cream
 I have mixed feelings about the "Light" version of L'Occitane's Comforting Cream, but I definitely didn't like the Ultra Rich formula. With a 25% concentration of shea butter, this moisturizer is practically a paste! Much too heavy for my combination skin. Luckily, this single application didn't clog my pores up or break me out 
Bath&BodyWorks Paris Amour Shower Gel*
Bath&BodyWorks make my favorite shower gel, and Paris Amour is one of my favorite scents from the brand (it's been sadly discontinued, RIP). It's hard to find something to say about something as simple as shower gel, but I kinda hold this particular one in a special place in my heart. I received this bottle of Paris Amour Shower Gel as a gift on my wedding day, and I traveled around a lot with it. I'll miss it, and I'll definitely but it again during a Semi Annual Sale. 

Dove Go Fresh Cucumber&Green Tea Roll On Deodorant*
I really can't find a deodorant that I like here in Australia. I was a longtime user of Secret Clear Gels, and there isn't anything similar here. The Go Fresh Roll On is good enough for me to use and repurchase, but I don't love it by any means. I've already repurchased my third tube, but this isn't a committed relationship.

Love and Light may be my favorite hand cream. This jojoba and cocoa butter based hand cream is exceptionally softening and nourishing for the skin. At the start, I didn't like the fragrance at all, but over time I came to love the dirty, earthy, citrus fragrance. I'm playing around with Soap&Glory's Hand Food at the moment, but I hope to have Love and Light in my life again soon. 

 Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry Touch is the best affordable sunscreen on the market. The name couldn't be more perfect. This dense, white sunscreen is completely non-greasy and dries down completely matte. I can't use this on my face, as it's too heavy and breaks me out, but it's my favorite body SPF. 
If you've read any of my Products I've Hit Pan On posts, you'll know that I've been working at finishing this bronzer for years. While there's still a little left, I've called it quits on Subtly Suntouched. This mini bronzer served me well, creating a soft, slightly glowy tan hue on the skin without being too orangey or too obvious. I used to think I'd repurchase Subtly Suntouched, but now that I think about it, I think I can do without it. I'd rather try Hoola Lite.

Fully Charged is my favorite mascara at the moment. The length, volume, and longevity of this mascara are all perfect in my book. I was sent this mascara as PR in 2016, and I've repurchased it twice over. I'm now using a mini tube that came with a palette, but I'm sure it'll be replaced with another full sized tube. I can't recommend Fully Charged enough.

 Back in the day, this stick concealer from NYX was my favorite. I used it for everything! Concealing spots, lining the brows, brightening the undereyes. The Incredible Waterproof Concealer did it all for me, and I went through several of them. At some point I veered away from this concealer stick, and not long later it was discontinued. I still reached for this concealer from time to time, and it finally came to an end. I'd probably buy it again if it was still available, but I'm not too sad to go on without it. 
Lush Dragons Egg Bath Bomb
I'm not much of a bath bomb user, but I won't turn them away if they're gifted to me, which was the case here with Dragon's Egg. This bath bomb was quite nice, it had a strong powdery, grapefruit-y scent that filled my bathroom and lingered for days. I can't say that Dragons Egg was a pretty bath bomb, but it was interesting. I took some photos and detailed notes, so I'm hoping to have a full review up soon. 

Lush Frozen Bath Bomb*
I had Lush's Frozen Bath Bomb on my Wishlist since it came out, but never picked it up because I cringe at the idea of spending money on something so trivial and faffy. Once Lush announced that they were discontinuing Frozen, I bit the bullet and picked it up. I loved it! I'm so sad to see Frozen go! This bath bomb created such beautiful shimmering blue water, and the fragrance was incredible. It's rosy in an interesting way, and it's floral notes are well balanced by neroli. This bath bomb imparted a lot of moisturizing ingredients into the water and really left my skin feeling soft. I didn't take photos or notes for review, and I really regret it.

Zoella Pink Bath Wafers 
 Another bath bomb style product that was gifted to me. I found Zoella's Bath Wafers quite disappointing. These fizzy waffle textured wafers didn't dissolve well - I had to crumble them with my hands. The fruity floral scent was pleasant, and the wafer did release some nice oils into the water, but I just couldn't get into this. Honestly, this turned me off of Zoella's range entirely. 

What have you finished lately?

Products marked with an (^) were sent to me as press samples


  1. Wow you did well with your empties! I rarely manage to finish anything, especially because I've been a bit lazy this month. The Olay SPF sounds so good, why have I never seen that before? Well done on finishing the bronzer, I would have given up ages ago! x

    Velvet Blush

    1. I'm not sure if it's sold in the UK. It isn't sold in the US, I know. The bronzer took a lot of patience!