Products I've Hit Pan On - June 2017

If you remember my March Products I've Hit Pan On Update, you'll know that I made the decision to make these posts a quarterly thing - and three months later, I think it was the right call. I managed to at least double the visible pan on pretty much every product, and hit pan on another one as well! Click through for a closer look at my progress.
Pixi Flawless Beauty Powder
Pixi's Flawless Beauty Powder is the only pressed powder in my collection at the moment, and despite getting used nearly every day that I wear makeup, it doesn't look like I've made a lot of progress. The visible pan hasn't expanded much, but the sides are getting thinner. I feel like I blow through most pressed powders, but I use this one so much and I've had it for nearly three years! I thought it'd be practically gone by the time this post came around, but I was very wrong. It'll be interesting to see where I'm at when I check back in in September.

I think this is the product that I've made the most progress on. Subtly Suntouched has been in my posession for around three and a half years, and I think it'll be gone by the end of 2017! Whole sections of this bronzer have disappeared, and the two sides are connected by just a narrow strip of powder that'll likely last only a few more uses.

Ah yes, the never ending mini-pan of Benefit's classic Hoola Bronzer. Admittedly I haven't been reaching for Hoola much now that it's autumn here in Australia, but I have opened the pan up a little more. I've taken to using Hoola as a crease shade, and that's helped me get more use out of this bronzer in the colder months. I wholeheartedly expect this product to make it to the end of the year and beyond. 
Foxy is by far my most used shade in my beloved Naked2 Palette. I've doubled, or even tripled the visible pan on this buttery ivory eyeshadow, and I can tell it's getting quite thin overall. This is a perfect blending shade for me, and I'm going to be distraught when I finish it well before the rest of the palette. 

Urban Decay Suspect Eyeshadow
I'm not sure how I ended up hitting pan on Suspect a few weeks ago. I don't remember using this shimmery brown shade that often, though it may have been a go to when this palette was new to me many years ago. I don't use Suspect super often, so I doubt there'll be much of a change by September's post.

Pixi Emerald Gold Mesmerizing Minerals Palette
I've just about tripled the amount of pan showing on this palette's golden shade (my favorite of the six), and am nearly hitting pan on it's ivory highlight shade. I haven't been using the Emerald Gold Palette very often lately, so I'm not sure how much progress I'll make between now and the next post, but if anything, I think I'll have panned at least the ivory shade.

ColourPop Spoon Highlighter 
I feel like I haven't used ColourPop's Spoon very much, yet there's a lot more pan showing up now, compared to March. Apparently ColourPop's cream products go quickly, and I can tell that's true. I need to get around to writing my review before this highlighter is gone! 

What products are you hitting pan on?

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