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"What's in my Bag" posts seem so dull and dated, but after traveling all over Australia earlier this month (a train trip from Adelaide to Melbourne for a long weekend, with the lengthy drive home to Sydney closing it off), followed by a hectic move into our new house, I feel like the products that live in my purse deserve a bit of a shoutout. Click to see what products keep me going when I'm on the go. Click through for more.

One of my least favorite parts of the standard What's in My Bag style posts is the endless rambling about the bag it's self. I'm still carrying the same Betsey Johnson cross body I bought myself for my 22nd birthday (but I'm on the market for a replacement, it's starting to wear and doesn't fit my aesthetic as well as it's used to). The contents of my bag are pretty standard, I'm not the kind of girl that carries my life around on my shoulder - if I can avoid carrying my purse, I do - even better if I can just bring my phone. You'll never find a big chunk of my makeup collection on me at any time, but these are the five products I almost always have on hand.
The Go with Anything Gloss: 
Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in Candy Pink - $30
At least 50% of the time, I forget to grab the lip color I applied before leaving the house, so I keep this versatile lip gloss/lip balm hybrid in my purse almost all of the time. Delivering just enough shine with a barely there hint of pink, Clarins' Candy Pink Instant Light Lip Perfector pulls together any look while hydrating and soothing the lips. 

The Hand Sanitizer:
Bath&BodyWorks Pocket Bac - $1.75
Years of working in food and just a hint of germaphobia have made me a bit of a compulsive hand cleaner. While I'm fairly familiar with the negative effects of using too many antibacterial products, I still keep a hand sanitzer in my bag for a quick clean up before eating/drinking/reapplying makeup and the like. 

The Fringe Fixer:
If you have bangs or live in a hot climate (or both, like me), you know how fast your hair can go to shit. My fringe has a tendency to get greasy and separated even on mild days, so I keep a tiny can of Batiste Dry Shampoo on hand to soak up the oil and keep my roots and fringe looking fresh(ish). A classic rat tail comb keeps this mini-can of dry shampoo company to help spread the product through and keep my bangs in place.

The Compact:
YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer - $72*
While I hate the internal product, which is a useless "primer" that generally just balls up on the skin, I absolutely adore it's beautiful baby pink and gold compact. I feel seriously bougie when I pull this elegant compact out to touch up my lip color or check in on my eyeliner. The mirror is excellent quality and ever so slightly magnified (I think), and the exterior is easy to clean and surprisingly sturdy - making it posh and purse friendly. 

The Oil Absorbers:
Easily the least interesting quick fix in my bag. I don't have exceptionally oily skin, so I don't reach for blotting papers very often, they're more of a last ditch effort at sopping up sweat and oil when I (unfortunately) have to leave the house on 35℃+ days. My preference doesn't lie in these long discontinued tea tree infused blotters from The Body Shop, but it should show how rarely I utilize them - a single packet lasts me years, but I always have them in my bag, just in case. 

Share the beauty products you keep in your bag in the comments! 


Products marked with an asterisk (*) were sent to me as a press sample. Their inclusion in this post was not influenced or sponsored by any third parties. 

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