Essano Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil Review

Essano Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil Review
Essano, a New Zealand based natural beauty brand with a focus on rosehip oil infused products, says their Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil is a "pure, certified organic natural oil packed with skin-loving essential fatty acids and essential nutrients." This multi-use oil is available in two sizes, a 20ml bottle that sells for $19.99, and a 45ml bottle that's priced at $34.99. Essano's entire line, which can be bought at Priceline, Woolworths, and Coles, is vegan, organic, and made in New Zealand.

The first thing that drew me to Essano was the brand's vaguely vintage aesthetic - something about the pink label against the brown bottles just really gets me! That attractive color combination extends into this product's packaging, with the Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil coming in a translucent brown bottle with a pipette applicator. The carnation pink label wraps around the bottle, offering application tips and an ingredient list. Packaging may sound ideal for a facial oil, but no matter how tightly I twist the cap on, it can't seem to prevent the oil from evaporating. The mouth of the bottle is coated with bits of crystallized oil, and the remaining oil went rancid after only 6 or so months, despite the 12 month shelf life listed on the label. While it could be either user error (I do have weak little baby hands), a fault in my particular bottle, or poor design, I still felt it was worth mentioning. All packaging is recyclable.

Essano's Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil is a mid-weight yellow oil that can be used in a number of ways. Though I purchased it to fill the serum/oil gap in my skincare routine, rosehip oil can also be used on the hair, nails, and body as a two-in-one treatment and moisturizer. Here's my experiences: 

Hair: Though rosehip oil is said to be great for conditioning the hair and stimulating growth, I can't say that Essano's Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil did anything but leave my locks a greasy messy. This oil didn't really penetrate my hair, it just sat atop as an oily, heavy residue that caused additional tangling and was difficult to rinse out.

I've had mixed results using Essano's oil on my face. Rosehip oil is meant to be a superior moisturizer with the power to fade acne scars in record time. This antioxidant rich oil feels far too heavy and cloying on it's own, and it takes a fair bit of time to full sink in. Used solo, the Rosehip Acai Bery Antioxidant Oil caused my skin to become congested, with a few whiteheads popping up after each use. However, mixing a drop or two into my foundation or moisturizer added a gorgeous luminosity to my skin without the heavy feel. I can't say that I saw any results from extended use, but I did love this oil on days that I wanted to look next level dewy. 

Nails: Just as with hair, rosehip oil is meant to stimulate nail growth, but I found that it did the opposite of that. Usually, I love using oil on my nails, as they always seem more conditioned and less prone to breakage, but every application of Essano's rosehip oil blend seemed to leave my finger nails softer and weaker. After breaking a couple nails I stopped using this oil on them and they returned to their previous state. Apparently, rosehip oil is an excellent treatment for toenail fungus, but luckily I'm not in the position to test that claim.

Body: I've read that rosehip oil is an effective treatment for fading and preventing stretchmarks. I didn't personally test this out, as the stretchmarks I do have are quite faded, and hopefully I won't be gaining any new ones. I did like using this oil to treat dry, rough patches on my ankles and elbows, where it absorbed quickly and soothed itching. 

This product couldn't have a simpler ingredient list - with only three components, this organic facial oil is pretty straight forward. Rosehip oil is an ever popular ingredient that's known for it's ability to nourish, protect, and rejuvenate the skin with an abundance of fatty acids and antioxidants. Likewise, acai berry pulp is also exceptionally rich in antioxidants, though there's some questions as to how potent their effect is when applied topically. The final ingredient is tocopherol acetate, aka Vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant that's naturally present in the skin. See what I mean? It's hard to get more 'natural' than that. Because Essano's Rosehip Acai Berry Oil isn't fragranced in any way, it does smell like exactly what it is, a raw oil blend - so not very pleasant. 

All in all, my experience with Essano's Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil was mixed, but pulled towards the negative end of things. Despite it's seemingly endless list of uses and benefits, I really only liked this multi-use oil for one or two limited uses. Even if I'd liked the Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil more than I do, I still wouldn't repurchase. Though 20ml for $20 seems like an excellent value, I lost more than half of the bottle to evaporation or spoilage, so I don't feel as though it was worth my dollars. I'd recommend skipping Essano's Rosehip Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil and opting for a pure argan oil instead. 

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