The Tool That Changed My Nails - Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File Review

Nail care has never been my forte, or much of a priority at all. I spent half a decade in a restaurant kitchen - burning my fingers, washing my hands hourly, and desperately trying to scrub away the powder that lined my latex gloves and clung to my nails -it's easy to see how I let nail care fall by the wayside. I'd read articles about the benefits of crystal nail files, but could never bring myself to buy one - why did I need a fancy file if I couldn't paint my nails or grow them past a certain length? Surely a 99¢ emery board would do the trick, right? After moving on from my cooking career, I decided that I finally wanted to grow my nails beyond the tips of my fingers, and I wanted to share one of the products that finally let me achieve my #nailgoals.

Margaret Dabbs says their Crystal Nail File "is slim and elegant but most importantly, effective to use. When you use our Crystal Nail File you will immediately experience a smoother, finer finish to your nails. The fine, highest quality abrasive crystal finish protects the nails, making them less prone to splitting and can be used on both finger and toe nails." This nail file retail is made in the UK and retails for £12 ($15USD) on the brand's webstore, and at Margaret Dabbs' salons, Space NK, Feel Unique, and Marks&Spencers. I received a travel sized crystal nail file in my February 2016 Ipsy Bag.

Margaret Dabbs' travel sized Crystal Nail File is made of clear, sturdy glass and measures about 14cm (5.5 inches) long and 1.5cm (.5 inch), with a rounded tip that's very easy to maneuver around the edges of my nails. The body of the file is quite smooth, not gritty at all to the touch - it couldn't feel more different than an emery board. This glass file is quite sturdy, and after a year of frequent use, it's still nearly good as new - partly in thanks to the clear protective sleeve that the brand thoughtfully included. Margaret Dabbs' nail file requires no maintenance, but it can be cleaned with soap and water if desired.

Though I'd heard of the many benefits of crystal nail files, I was initially very hesitant to try one, and was both grumpy and intrigued when I pulled this product from my February Glam Bag. I had no choice but to try it, but I knew I wouldn't like how it felt. I have a lot of sensory issues revolving around ceramic and similar textures, and indeed the first few times I used this file it felt like nails on a chalk board. The sensation of crystal on nail made my teeth hurt and gave me chills, but over time I became desensitized and am no longer bothered - but even if I was, I'd continue use because the results are worth it! Since I began using Margaret Dabbs' Crystal Nail File, my nails have done a complete 180 in quality - they grow longer and stronger, and the clean edges produced by this nail file are subject to far fewer breaks, snags, and splits! This file's fine grit consistently provides me with a smooth edge, and it makes shaping and maintaining my nails fast and easy. Because I have so few breaks, I merely touch my nails up twice a week or so, or before each time I paint them. It couldn't be simpler.

It's hard to believe it took me a year to write about Margaret Dabbs' Crystal Nail File, and even harder to believe what a difference such a simple tool has made in my nails! Not since Glossier's Balm Dotcom has a product made such a massive difference in my nail care routine - I'd love to use the two in conjunction because I think it'd make my nails damn near unbreakable. As a whole, I have no complaints at all about Margaret Dabbs' Crystal Nail File. I'll gladly repurchase this product when the time comes, and I don't ever intend on going back to basic emery boards. I highly encourage everyone to try a glass or crystal nail file (I've converted my roommate to them), they're a small investment that pay off big time. Your nails will thank you!

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  1. Just reading about the feeling of a nail file makes my teeth hurt ;-;