Out with the Old - January 2017 Empties

January was a hectic month for me, and my beauty routine was stripped to it's core. I spent a lot of the month traveling, and therefore I was dependent on only my most reliable products. Because of this, January yielded only four empty products, most of which are staples in my routine. As always, products I've repurchased are marked with an asterisk (*). Click through to read more.

Banana Boat SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen
Man, I did not like this sunscreen one bit! Banana Boat's Sport Sunscreen is insanely greasy and doesn't have great staying power. While this product does provide adequate sun protection, it contains some questionable ingredients that I'd rather avoid. This was my second and final tube, and I won't be repurchasing.

Formula 10.0.6 No Time to Shine Mud Mask*
No Time to Shine is my current go-to clay mask for combating oily skin. This mud mask includes salicylic acid that really makes a difference in my acne. I've already moved on to another little packet, and I plan to repurchase the full sized tube soon.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo*
My love affair with L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil Shampoo continues. This is my third or fourth bottle of this oil infused shampoo, and it won't be my last (considering I've already made a dent in my next bottle!). The Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo is a permanent favorite - nothing cleans and smooths my hair quite like it.

Neutrogena's HydroBoost Foaming Cleanser was a surprise hit - and an even more surprising repurchase for me! This frothy cleanser did a great job clearing up my skin, and it seems to keep my complexion balanced and blemish free. I just cracked into my next bottle a couple of days ago!

What have you finished lately?

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