Fitness Diary - Week 8

This week was a big improvement on last week's efforts, though it wasn't without it's own struggles. I got in way more exercise, but I had a few days of poor food choices that didn't help me reach my goal. I didn't expect to lose any weight this week because I had changed my My Fitness Pal goal to losing .25 kilo a week as opposed to .5 kilo and figured my body would take a little time to get used to it. I ended up putting around half a kilo back on, but I'm not too fussed. Despite the weight gain, I'm down another half inch in the waist. A fair trade off I think!

My goals for next week are to do an equal amount of pilates, walk a little further every day, and eat better most days (leaving room for one treat because I'm craving that Starbucks!). Click through for this week's Fitness Diary update!

Current Goals and Stats
Starting Weight: 55kilos (120lbs). (BMI 23)
Target Weight: 49kilos (110lbs)(BMI 21)
Current Weight: 50.5 kilos (111.5lbs) (BMI 21)
Height: 5'1 (155cm)

Week 8: 
Day 1: Butt Lifting + Thigh Sculpting Workout + Plie Squat Challenge +  2.5K Walk. I wanted to ease back in with a video that's not very challenging but I enjoy doing. For some reason I decided to top it off with a squat challenge - which was incredibly difficult and left me with jelly legs, but I felt really satisfied afterwards.

Day 2: 6K Walk. My legs were destroyed after yesterday's Plie Squat Challenge.

Day 3: Thigh Slimming Challenge + 10 Min Butt Lift Challenge + 2K Walk. While none of the moves were very challenging me, I nearly sweat to death. Not sure how I'm going to work through the summer heat when it's in full swing.

Day 4: Ab Time for Beginners + Quick Ab Workout + 3K Walk. Tonight's workout was very stop and start, not due to difficulty but due to heat. Even after 10pm it was still over 85F and I was sweating it out. I also ate garbage today - a 20 piece chicken nugget meal at 2am did me no favors, so I think I'll be going without treats for quite a while!

Day 5: Stretching for Leg Flexibility + Perfect 10 Abs + 2.5K Walk. Nice and easy videos, but once again, it was very stop and start because of the heat. I ate much better today, but I was still feeling a little snack-y.

Day 6: Hot Abs + 4K Walk. I didn't really commit to the video honestly. Hopefully I'll put more effort in tomorrow.  Almost back on track with eating, though I did have a very starchy latke dinner.

Day 7: 3.5K Walk. I had the intention of doing a video, but time got the best of me and I wasn't able to squeeze one in. I ate much, much better today and stayed well under my allotted calories to make up for two days of problematic eating.

Share your fitness routine, goals, and tips in the comments! 

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