Fitness Diary - Week 6

I had a much better week, fitness wise! My renewed motivation hasn't failed me yet, and the results are showing. While I didn't lose any weight,  I am down another inch in the waist and I have some obvious abs going on. I started using a new app to track my food intake this week as well. Food hasn't been a challenge for me most days, but getting a better visual on what I'm eating every day has only provided more motivation. Click through for a look at this week's progress.

Current Goals and Stats
Starting Weight: 55kilos (120lbs). (BMI 23)
Target Weight: 49kilos (110lbs)(BMI 21)
Current Weight: 52 kilos (114.5lbs) (BMI 21)
Height: 5'1 (155cm)

Week 6:
Day 1: Super Shaper Workout + Butt Lifting+Thigh Sculpting Workout. No walk today, I had my henna dye in all day long.

Day 2: 2K walk. I started using the My Fitness Pal app to track calories. I'm testing it out for a week to see if I like it enough to make it a regular part of my day.

Day 3: Perfect Legs Workout + Muffintop Shredder + 4.5K Walk. I struggled with the first set of moves in the Perfect Legs. I have a twisted pelvis, which makes getting my knee behind my hip pretty difficult, at least on one side. I ended up skipping those moves and doing extra reps of the rest to make up for it.

Day 4: 6 Minutes to a Sexy Booty + Total Body Workout. I struggled with a couple of moves in the first video. I made up for it by putting additional effort into the second video - which I barely survived.

Day 5: Crazy Abs, Butt and Leg Workout + 8 Minute Abs+Obliques + 4.5K Walk. I can't say I put my best effort into either of the Blogilates videos. It was nearly 100F today, even at 9PM, and I was suffering in the heat. It's meant to be much cooler tomorrow, so I hope to do a third video and put in more effort tomorrow.

Day 6: Butt Lifting+Thigh Sculpting Workout + 5 Minute Long Lean Legs +  Lower Belly Flattener + 3K Walk. I really struggled with the 5 Minute Long Lean Legs video - I kept getting a cramp in my left foot. I pushed through it, but I doubt I got the maximum effect from that video. Today was my treat day, and I had a Frappuccino, which put me about 200 calories over my daily limit. I'm not fussed though, I've been under my limit every other day this week.

Day 7: 5 Best Exercises to Flatten Your Lower Belly + 5K Walk. I hiked through some bush to spend the day at the beach. I did a little bit of rock climbing to find a comfortable place to lounge around before heading back. I gave my pilates video my all and found it very, very satisfying.

Share your fitness routine, goals, and tips in the comments! 

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