A Colorful Spring Salad

We're definitely transitioning from spring into summer here in Sydney - it's been getting warmer and warmer every day! Do you know what that means? It's salad season! While I love a good salad year round, I tend to get complacent in the colder months, but once it gets hot, I get inspired! When I realised late this afternoon that I hadn't planned a dinner beyond thawing a steak, I decided it was high time to get creative with all the fruits I'd picked up at my favorite fruit&veg shop over the weekend. The result was a light, multicolored salad that'll be sure to cool you down on a hot day. Click through to read more about this simple side dish.
 I started this salad off with 3 heaping cups of baby spinach. Spinach is my favorite base for salads for so many reasons - it's incredibly nutritious, has a mild flavor that doesn't overpower any other ingredients without being bland, and I can get a massive bag at Woolworth for just $5. Truly you can use any green base you want - spring mix, a kale blend, or whatever lettuce of your choosing. The toppings are what's more important here...
I was feeling quite inspired by the vibrant fruits in my fridge and fruit bowl, and ended up making a bit of a rainbow salad. I cut two medium carrots, (about 1 cup) into rings, diced up a 300g barlett pear, and sliced a cup of strawberries into thin pieces, before tossing in a half cup of blueberries. After portioning the salad into two bowls, I garnished it with a roughly chopped sprig of parsley and a light sprinkle of black pepper. I chose to forego a dressing, since the fruits will provide enough moisture to help the greens go down easy.

Pepper may sound a little strange on a fruity salad like this one, but I promise it really does wonders to enrich the flavor of the strawberries and pear! Seriously, a twist or two of the pepper grinder will change the way you eat strawberries forever - it manages to both balance and heighten the sweetness of the berry, while adding the most subtle kick of heat. It's divine.

This colorful spring salad will pair well with just about any form of protein! I served it with rare steak, but I could see it going just as well with lamb burgers, grilled chicken, or a nice filet of mild fish - and of course it would make a great light lunch on it's own! At around 200 calories per serving, this salad is a little sugary thanks to the fruit, but it's high in fiber and vitamins A + C. Let me know if you try this summery salad, or my peppered strawberry trick!


  1. I've never heard of that pepper trick but that's something I'll have to try with my next salad, for sure!