Out with the Old - October 2016 Empties

October was an average month for empties. I finished up eight products; a good mix of samples and full sized products. Honestly, I'm running out of things to run out of! My beauty routine has been fairly minimalistic (not completely by choice), and I'm just not holding on to a lot of products. It'll be interesting to see what ends up in November's Out with the Old post. But let's not worry about next month, click through to see what I finished in October. As always, products marked with an asterisk (*) will be repurchased.

I didn't finish this cleanser, instead I chose to pass it on to someone else. Essano's Rosehip Cleanser was a bit too gentle for me - it couldn't break down my daily SPF and the makeup my micellar water missed, causing me to break out something terrible. My non-makeup wearing roommates get on much better with this natural face wash. 

Essano Argan Oil Shampoo+Conditioner Samples*
Priceline sent me these sample sachets out of the blue - I'm still not sure why. I used these generously sized samples the same day I received them, and liked both the shampoo and conditioner well enough to consider buying them in the future, though I'm not committed to the idea. The shampoo's light lather cleansed my hair well, and the creamy conditioner left my hair shiny and soft. Good stuff.

Coola SPF 50 Fresh Mango Sport Sunscreen
I swear this sunscreen sample was endless! This 15ml tube of sunscreen lived in my purse for nearly a year and I used it all the time - it always seemed like it was going to run out, but always managed to last one more application. Coola's Sport Sunscreen had a great formula, it lasted well and kept me safe from sunburn. I won't be purchasing the full size, Coola is too pricey for me (and not to mention, unavailable in Australia). 

Maybelline Coral Crush Baby Lips Lip Balm*
I love Baby Lips, and Coral Crush has been my favorite color ever released in the line. This sheer orange lip balm was part of the Winter 2013 collection. I purchased several back ups, and this was the last of them. I savored it for a year, never wanting it to end. Luckily, Carly from The Science of Chic was kind enough to send me four more. She's a saint.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk
I adored my sample of Clinique's Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, so I requested the coordinating Cleansing Milk...and was sorely disappointed. This lotion-like cleanser is terrible! While it did loosen up my makeup for a follow-up cleanse, it didn't really remove anything - plus it burned my eyes so badly! I didn't even finish the sample. 

Bliss No Zit Sherlock Purifying Cleanser+Toner
Another product I didn't enjoy. This discontinued two-in-one cleanser and toner came in a value pack I picked up in a Priceline clearance bin, and truly it should've stayed there. This high-foam cleanser could be quite stripping at times, so I saved it only for my oiliest, grimiest days. Though the sassy name was quite appealing, it couldn't make up for it's strong medicinal scent and overly drying formula. 

Dettol Cucumber Melon Soft on Skin Hand Soap*
You probably remember seeing this hand soap in a previous empties, and you'll see more of them in the future. The formula is gentle yet effective, the cucumber melon scent is pleasant (and reminiscent of watermelon jolly ranchers), and best of all it's only $3 at Woolworth. I don't see myself switching it up any time in the future. 

What have you finished lately?

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