My Low Maintenance Hair Care Routine

My Low Maintenance Hair Care Routine
I think I've found my ideal hair care routine! After years of trying products and switching things up, I was often disappointed and frustrated with my hard to manage hair. When I call my hair hard to manage, I mean that my bangs stick straight up, and the rest of my hair will turn into a rats nest in the blink of an eye - it truly has a mind of it's own and it can't be tamed. I mean, it can, with some detangler and a good brushing, but I'm notoriously low maintenance with my hair and sometimes I just can't be fucked. These are the products that help me keep my hair under control. Click through to read more.

About My Hair:
I have long, thick, type 1C auburn hair that's dyed with henna to achieve a brighter red color. My roots lack volume and can get fairly oily, especially in my fringe, which has a tendency to separate. The lengths of my hair is normal, but it tends to tangle and get matted, even with diligent brushing. I'm not prone to breakage or split ends, but I do have a fair bit of hair fall. I allow my hair to air dry and never heat style - in fact its almost always in a ponytail, bun, or braid. 
The Shampoo:
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo $5.95
Back in February my gal Tina hooked me up with a bottle of this shampoo, and it's pretty much all I've used since! The Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo is loaded with oils that keep my hair silky and manageable, without weighing it down. This oil-rich shampoo never fails to leave my hair glossy but not greasy.

The Conditioner:
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Conditioner $5.95
I've been using the coordinating conditioner for the same amount of time, and while I'm significantly less smitten with it, I still think it gets the job done. This rich, oil infused conditioner helps to detangle and hydrate my hair without adding weight.
The Leave In:
I love a good leave in spray to help me manage my knotty hair. I've tried many, and this is my favorite one yet. This coconut scented leave-in loosens up knots and leaves my hair shiny and smooth enough to run my fingers through - more of a feat than it sounds. Rarely a day goes by that I don't spritz this product through the length of my hair and comb it through.

The Oil:
Hask Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Treatment $4.99*
If my hair is looking dull, or my leave in spray can't get the job done, I reach for this oil. This little vial of oil can work wonders on my hair - it simultaneously loosens up knots, prevents future tangles, and gives my hair a lustrous, glossy finish.

The Hair Mask:
Korres Nourishing Almond+Linseed Hair Mask - $25
Not long after arriving in Australia, I realised that I made a critical mistake. I forgot a hair mask. The dry heat can wreak havoc on my hair, and within a week of setting foot in Sydney, my hair was a mess. This Korres Hair Mask has been a savior for adding moisture, preventing matting, and keeping my hair satiny smooth. I don't use it often - once a week, sometimes fortnightly.
The Dry Shampoo:
I've never been one to wash my hair daily, which can be a problem when you have a fully, blunt fringe like mine. Batiste's Dry Shampoo changed the way I take care of my hair. This dry shampoo is the perfect product for absorbing oil and preventing separated, stringy bangs. There is a bit of a white cast, and it can cause some build up - it isn't a perfect product, but it gets the job done for a very fair price. The adorable cherry print can sits out on my sink top because I always need to have it on hand - I use it nearly every day!

The Hair Spray:
Big Sexy Hair Spray&Play Hair Spray $24.95
I rarely style my hair beyond a ponytail, braid, or half assed bun, but when I do, I trust this hair spray to keep my style in place. Spray&Play is the only hair spray I've ever repurchase because I love it's light, flexible, but dependable hold. Truly my only complain is the strong, chemical scent.
The Tool:
Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush $13*
Though I had my doubts when I first received it, Goody's Quikstyle Paddle Brush has become a key component in my hair care routine. This brush absorbs water, helping my hair to dry faster so I can avoid using a hair dryer. I tend to get lazy when I step out of the shower, and I regret it every time I don't give my hair a once-through with this brush.

The Hair Color:
Lush Caca Rouge Henna Hair Color $25.95
I've been coloring my hair with Lush's henna for about five years now, and I have no intent on switching! This henna dye can be messy, but it's well worth the long lasting results. Caca Rouge boosts my auburn hair into a believable ginger hue. The gentle formula leaves my hair shiny and moisturized - never stripped or dry. The best part? The color never fades, so I only have to touch up my roots seasonally.


So there it is, my hair care routine. Looking back on it, it seems like a lot for a "low maintenance" routine, but then again, a lot of the products are only used occasionally. As a whole, I'm really pleased with every product - all I'm looking to include is a clarifying shampoo. Please leave me any recommendations if you have a favorite!

Products marked with * were sent to me for review. These products inclusion were not influenced by any third party. 


  1. I go through phases of wanting to try out new hair products and I think you've just launched one for me lol. The loreal shampoo + conditioner combo sound perfect for dry hair! And batiste is always a classic in my book :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. They're amazing, I hope you like them. Let me know! <3