Fitness Diary - Week 4

Between my mixed up sleep schedule and feeling like my reproductive organs are trying to violently exit my body, I can't say that I've put in my best efforts this week. My period has always been my downfall when it comes to following a Blogilates calendar. I end up skipping 2-4 days and then I just kinda fall off the wagon. I'm going to do my best to not let that happen again this time. Though I didn't manage to squeeze much exercise in, I am down another kilo! That slides me down one BMI point as well. It's all about small victories I suppose. Click through to read more.

Current Goals and Stats
Starting Weight: 55kilos (120lbs). (BMI 23)
Target Weight: 49kilos (110lbs)(BMI 21)
Current Weight: 53 kilos (116lbs) (BMI 22)
Height: 5'1 (155cm)

Week 4:
Day 1: 3.5K Walk. I didn't manage to squeeze any Pilates into my day. My day/night flip is still messing me up. I intend to do an extra video tomorrow.

Day 2: Beginner Inner Thighs5 Best Exercises to Flatten the Lower Belly. Two easy yet satisfying videos. I wanted to do a third but I got super sleepy. No walkies.

Day 3: 1K Walk. Still getting accustomed to our new sleep schedule and feeling crampy. I didn't work out, but I did walk to the grocery store. Not much, but better than nothing.

Day 4: Lower Belly Flattener + 4.5K Walk. My legs were stiff, so I struggled to get the maximum effect from several moves.

Day 5: Muffintop Massacre + 2K Walk. I only finished half of the video, not by choice or by lack of effort - I lost internet, and eventually power thanks to a thunderstorm.

Day 6: 4.5K walk. I was too crampy to do any sort of Pilates.

Day 7: I did nothing. I stayed in bed and suffered.

Share your fitness routine, goals, and tips in the comments! 


  1. Congrats on your progress and good luck with your journey :) I'm not all that great with exercising but when it's that time of the month I really can't be bothered so I totally feel you

    Mili | Sharmtoaster