Fitness Diary - Week 3

I didn't have a great week for working out. Dean and I have been shifting into an 'up all night, sleep all day' schedule that's really fucked up my motivation and my appetite. I've been craving junk food most days, and I've indulged more than I should've. I didn't lose any weight, or at least not enough to register on our scale, but I am down half an inch in my waist, which counts as progress to me. Click through to read more.

Current Goals and Stats
Starting Weight: 55kilos (120lbs). (BMI 23)
Target Weight: 49kilos (110lbs)(BMI 21)
Current Weight: 54 kilos (119lbs) (BMI 23)
Height: 5'1 (155cm)

Week 3: 
Day 1: 6km walk + light rock climbing. I went to the beach with Dean and our roommate, Morgan. We hiked through about 2km of bush, explored rock pools, climbed some boulders, and frolicked in the water for around 3 hours before heading home. I used my skip/cheat day one day early and had a 10 McNugget Meal for lunch after our beach trip.

Day 2: Beginners Abs&Butt Workout + Abs on Fire + 2K Walk. My legs were sore and a little stiff after yesterday's beach adventure. I ended up quitting half way through the second video. Not pleased with myself, but I'm going to try harder tomorrow.

Day 3: Killer Legs Workout + Abs on Fire +  2K Walk. My right leg is still stiff, making full extension difficult. I forced myself to finish the Abs on Fire video tonight and it was hard! The first Blogilates video to make me suffer so far!

Day 4: 5 Minute Ab Express + Total Body with Ana Caban +3K Walk. Had a bit too many chips with dinner, I've been insatiably hungry but trying to exercise self control.

Day 5: 7.5K Walk. I was feeling too crampy to do Pilates. I ate garbage - my walk was too Maccas and back. I only had a small fry and split an order of McBites with Morgan, but I didn't really need it.

Day 6: Butt Lifting&Thigh Sculpting Workout + 2K Walk. I decided to deviate from the calendar and try a recently uploaded video. I found the video wholly unchallenging. I should go harder tomorrow. I ate garbage again, but less.

Day 7: Total Body Workout+5 Most Effective Ab Exercises. I didn't have time for a walk today, so I did extra reps during the first video. I found the workout really satisfying, it left me just a little sore, in the best way.

Share your fitness routine, goals, and tips in the comments! 

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