Fitness Diary - Week 1

If you read my September Favorites, you'd know that it was a weird month for me. I just didn't feel great for most of the month. A late period/pregnancy scare had me feeling tired, slow, and achey - and very hungry. Generally, I'm a pre-period eater - I always know when it's coming because I NEED any salty snack I can get my hands on and I felt that way for two weeks straight. Between my incessant need to snack and not feeling up for my nightly Pokemon Go walks, its no surprise that I gained a bit of weight - about 1.5 kilos (3lbs) to be exact.

A three pound weight gain may not sound like much, but it was enough to motivate me to get back into Blogilates and eat a bit better. My Fitness Diary posts aren't meant to be an inspiring story - I'm already fairly fit, so I'm mainly just trying to get into better habits. They also aren't meant to be entertaining or particularly informative, I'm mostly just using them to keep myself accountable and motivated. That being said, I'd love for you to share your fitness progress and goals in the comments of each post! Click through to read more.

Current Goals and Stats
Starting Weight: 55kilos (120lbs). (BMI 23)
Target Weight: 49kilos (110lbs)(BMI 21)
Height: 5'1 (155cm)

I want to lose between 5-6 kilos (10-13lbs). To achieve that I plan on doing pilates 5-6 days per week, and walk between 4-8K per day. I'm also eating at around a 300 calorie (1255KJ) deficit - basically just reducing snacks. My diet is already reasonably healthy and vegetable based, so I decided to not make a significant change in that department.

I've been doing Blogilates on and off over the last year or so, and I feel pretty experienced, but I chose to start off by following a modified version of the Beginners Calendar to ease back into the program. After a week, I'm definitely back in the swing of things, and I'm already doing extra reps and the more challenging versions of some moves.

Week 1 

Day 1 - Total Body for Beginners + 2k walk. I expected to struggle through the video, but I didn't! It was like I'd never stopped, but I expected to be sore the next day.

Day 2 - Total Body for Beginners + 5k walk. I was barely sore from the previous day, and I was actually really excited to do it again. I struggled slightly on a few moves because I became more sore as the workout progressed.

Day 3 - Ab Time for Beginners +Ab Sculpting + 4k walk. I was pretty sore from Day 2, and struggled with a couple moves, but I pushed through!

Day 4 - Bubble Butt Workout + Total Body with Ana Caban. The second video has some more challenging moves that I thought I'd struggle with, but I didn't!

Day 5 - Beginner Inner Thighs + Total Body with Ana Caban + 2k walk.

Day 6 - Total Body for Beginners + 7k walk. I made the mistake of taking my walk before doing pilates, so I was a little stiff and struggled to complete the Total Body video. I didn't give it my full effort because I was a feeling dehydrated and had a migraine coming on.

Day 7 - Total Body+Beginners Abs&Butt Workout + 1k walk. I took a short walk earlier in the afternoon and treated myself to a cappuccino. My hips were a little sore, and I started to struggle with some of the moves in the second video, but I pushed through.
By Day 4 I was already seeing results. My tummy has definitely tightened up some, my lower thighs are more toned, and overall I just feel better. Most days I've really looked forward to my workout, which is a new feeling for me - I hope I don't lose it. I don't really have a set time frame that I'd like to lose the weight in - two months would be nice, but I'm not going to push it too hard. Once I've lost the weight and go into maintenance mode, I plan to keep walking every day, and maybe doing a pilates sesh every other day to keep myself toned.

Share your fitness routine, goals, and tips in the comments! 

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