What I Bring Hiking

Dean and I were planning on walking the Bondi to Coogee Trail this weekend, but my guy is down with a sinus infection, so we've had to put our plans on the shelf til next weekend - a real shame because the weather is amazing today! It's hard for me to believe this is "winter"! But that's not the point of this post. I figured I'd show what I typically take with me on our hikes, aside from the obvious items like water, snacks, and bandaids. When I'm out for a long walk the last thing I want to lug is my purse, but I still want to have a few things on hand, so I've been packing a small pouch (this one is the July 2012 Ipsy Bag - talk about a throwback!) with 'necessities'.  Click through for a quick rundown.

Lip Balm
Lasting Smiles Peppermint Lip Balm - $3.99
I usually have a lip product on when we start our walk, but if I'm honest I can't be fucked to reapply it. To keep my lips hydrated and protected from the winter weather, I reach for this colorless, minty balm. I can't say it's my favorite lip balm formula, but it gets the job done. 

Face Wipes:
Usually I wear a light amount of makeup while hiking - we're talking tinted sunscreen, mascara, and a lip gloss - and sometimes it melts right off. I have to admit, I can be a heavy sweater, and every once in a while my makeup can't take the heat. These wipes are also useful for general cleaning up purposes, or to wipe sap and dirt of your hands. Definitely one of the more essential items in my little pouch. 

Hand Sanitizer:
Speaking of keeping hands clean, I keep a Pocket Bac in my pouch for pre-meal or post-train situations. Currently I'm using Sonoma Sunflower Bloss from last fall's collection, but it's nearly done.

Coola Classic Sport Sunscreen SPF 50 - $32
If I've wiped my makeup off, or have been out for several hours, I like to reapply my sunscreen. I'm quite fair and burn very easily, so a water resistant, high factor sunscreen like this one from Coola is ideal - plus the little 15ml tube is the perfect size to toss into my purse, pouch, or pocket. Gotta love Birchbox for the sunscreen samples! 

External Battery:
PowerPod Overnighter - $48.99
 If you've been playing Pokemon Go!, you know what a drain it can be on your battery, even with power saving mode switched on! To help me continue on my journey to be the very best, I bring along a PowerPod Overnighter, which holds enough power to completely charge an iPhone battery twice. There's also a convenient built in flashlight, should the need arise. 

Opal Card:
Sydney has an extensive public transport system that I try to take full advantage of! Their version of a top-up style transit pass, the Opal Card, debuted three years ago and I've had one ever since. Opal Cards are just so easy - you can add cash to them at special kiosks or at most news agencies, and you simply tap on and tap off all forms of public transport - buses, trains, ferries, and trams! We rarely drive to our destinations, so I always have my card on hand. 

For photos, snapchats, tweets, and of course emergency phone calls, my trusty iPhone 5s comes along for the journey. Also in tow is my absolutely ancient iPod Shuffle for some musical entertainment on the train in. I'm probably the last person on earth that uses a separate mp3 player, but it saves my phones battery for more pressing matters - like catching Pokemon. 

Products marked with an asterisk (*) were sent to me as press samples. Their inclusion was not influenced by any third parties. 

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