Out with the Old - July 2016 Empties

July wasn't the big empties month I predicted in my last Out with the Old post, but I did manage to finish off a dozen products. Out of those twelve products, a majority of them were tried and true favourites that I've been loving for a long time and will almost certainly replace! As always, the products I repurchased, or plan to, will be marked with an asterisk (*). Click through to see my July empties!
Olay Regenerist MicroScultping Cream^
This anti-aging cream was thick and rich - a great wintertime moisturizer that really plumped the skin - plus its red jar is pretty snazzy. I've moved on to a different Olay moisturizer for night time use because I couldn't justify spending $50 to repurchase the Regenerist MicroScultping Cream, but I'd buy it again if I could get it for cheap. 

I've had Soap&Glory's SuperCat eyeliner for so long that I barely remember a time without it. My friend Rae sent it to me nearly four years ago as a Christmas gift and I used it faithfully. Supercat was go-to liquid liner for work because it could last through anything. I don't think this liquid liner pen will ever run out. After over 3.5 years of almost daily use, its still not completely empty, though the felt tip is starting to dry out. Not gonna lie, I kinda want to keep Supercat for sentimental purposes.

Napoleon Perdis Skin Elixir Serum (x2)
The Skin Elixir Serum is less of a serum and more of a thin, milky primer with SPF 15. I got a couple packets of this product at Myer, and I wasn't into it. Skin Elixir Serum sat atop my skin and balled up in a strange way, plus it was very, very fragrant. Not for me.

I've been working on this bottle of shower gel for a couple years. I bought it two summers ago for my last trip to Australia and left it here when I went home. When I returned in early April I went back to using it and realised how much I love the Endless Weekend fragrance. I'm using Paris Amour now, but if I get the chance, I'll probably go back to Endless Weekend. 

Bath&BodyWorks Endless Weekend Deep Cleansing Hand Soap*
Some more Endless Weekend love! I brought the matching Deep Cleansing Hand Soap with me (got it on sale right before I left the US), and we ran through it quickly. There's four of us to one bathroom (plus visitors), so hand soap goes fast in our house. Everyone seemed to get along with the Deep Cleansing Hand Soap formula, and our roommate Morgan commented multiple times that he liked the scent. I'd buy it again if Bath&BodyWorks was accessible to me, but considering there's only one shop in the whole country (in the Sydney airport), it could be a while.

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar*
I don't often buy Lush bath products, but lately I've been treating myself to a bubble bar here and there. Ultraviolet has an intoxicating violet and jasmine scent, and it made mountains of bubbles. The best thing about this limited edition bubble bar? It lasted me forever - I got 10 baths from just one bar! I mean, granted, our tub is on the smaller side, but that's still about a buck a bath. Great value by Lush standards. I'll definitely buy this bubble bar again next spring!
Benefit BeneBalm Lip Balm*
Another product with strong sentimental ties. I bought BeneBalm the same day I quit my job. I cashed my paycheck and said fuck it and bought myself an $18 tinted lip balm - and I loved it so, so much. I look back on that day with a lot of happiness, and I also remembered it every time I applied BeneBalm. My little splurge wasn't the only reason that I loved BeneBalm though, it had a very moisturizing formula, and a beautiful sheer red color. I'll repurchase this tinted balm as soon as I can.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask 
I've owned a deluxe sample of Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask in the past and liked it well enough for soothing dry patches and hydrating my skin, so when Dean started suffering from dry, flaky skin on his forehead I knew this product would help. I requested a sample of the HydraQuench mask at Mecca Maxima and slathered it on his forehead and into his hairline every other day for about a week and his dry skin cleared right up. I wouldn't purchase the full size for myself due to the price, but if my bae's skin keeps suffering, HydraQuench may find it's way into my beauty cabinet. 

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo*
That's it, I've found my holy grail shampoo. My best friend Tina remembered how much I love hair oils, and picked up this oil rich shampoo for me to try and I love it. So much. The Extraordinary Oil shampoo has a thin consistency, and it lathers just like your average shampoo, but it doesn't strip my hair whatsoever. Why haven't I reviewed it? I think I'm going to have to write about it now that I've purchased my second bottle. Dean is also using this shampoo, and has seen a massive improvement in his hair. A couple of my friends from home are using this shampoo as well and highly recommend it for afro-textured hair.

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner*
Pixi's Glow Tonic is an iconic product for a reason. This 5% glycolic acid toner effectively, yet gently exfoliates to remove dead skin, leaving your complexion looking glowy and clear. This toner has been awesome for preventing acne while slowly fading signs of old pimples. Unfortunately, Glow Tonic can be a little difficult to obtain in Australia (at least without paying an arm and a leg), so I've moved on to a different acid toner. When I visit home or have friends visit, another bottle will be in my collection.

Ocean Salt and I go back a long time. This is the scrub that always saves my skin. When I start breaking out, I reach for this salt and vodka concoction and my skin clears right up. I was working with a sample here, but I'm going to pick up a full sized pot as soon as possible. Nothing works as well for me as Ocean Salt, this is a forever favorite. 

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin Clearing Mud Mask
I can't get into this strawberry and yarrow infused mud mask. I love other Formula 10.0.6 clay masks, but this one is too thin and yields no results for me. I love the pink packets, and the strawberry scent, but I prefer a mask that does more for me. I won't be repurchasing Pores Be Pure, but I can't wait to buy the significantly superior Deep Down Detox.

What have you finished lately?


pr samples are marked with ^


  1. That Olay moisturizer is $50 in Australia?! Good grief, I'd have a heart attack buying that

    1. That's about on par for drugstore anti-aging creams here. Though our major drugstore does 40% off Olay pretty often so you can get it for around the American price. =D

    2. 40% off isn't terrible then. I would never, ever pay $50 for a drugstore anti-aging cream, even if I was a millionare. I'd just go to Sephora and get something for that price! But I don't even wanna know how much things at Sephora AUS cost...

    3. I think you would weep. I do.