New Discoveries - Kat Von D Beauty

A couple weeks back, over drinks and a game of Zombicide, I was talking to my roommate's girlfriends about their favorite beauty brands and they were both shocked to learn that I'd never tried anything from Kat Von D's Sephora exclusive range. They both immediately started listing off their favorite Kat Von D products that I had to try asap. Little did I know, I'd soon receive some of them as a (slightly late) wedding gift. A Sephora Australia package was hurled at me from another room and I tore it open to discover three Kat Von D goodies. I've given them all a try now and have a definite favorite and fail in the bunch so I'd like to share my initial thoughts.

Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft
I've always been interested in Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipsticks for a while because the packaging is just sexy. Turns out the product inside is even better! Lovecraft is an opaque matte mauvey pink that pairs with anything - I've barely touched my other lipsticks since it came into my possession (sorry Half n Half!). This lipstick's formula is slightly dry, bordering on waxy, but I can look past the mild discomfort because Lovecraft just lasts forever on the lips, up to 6 hours in my experience! 

Tattoo Liner in Trooper 
A lot of people rave about Kat Von D's liquid eyeliner pen, including some of my favorite YouTubers; ALoveTart and Jennifer Wan, so I was exciting to try it. Not gonna lie, it's not the best liquid liner I've tried, unfortunately. While I love the thin, flexible brush tip, I don't find it to be as jet black as everyone else does. Seriously, I kept hearing about how dark Trooper is but my Skone Cosmetics liquid liner is at least twice as dark. I'll gladly use this pen liner, but I wish it was as dark as I heard it was. 

Immortal Lash Mascara
I love trying new mascaras, and I try not to write them off immediately, but I knew I wasn't going to like Kat Von D's Immortal Lash Mascara as soon as I saw the brush. This mascara's brush is long and slightly curved, with oddly spaced, spiraled bristles; it almost seems like it's trying too hard to be unique. The formula is thin and dry, it doesn't do much for my lashes and gets a little flaky after five or six hours. 

These products were gifted to me by a friend. 


  1. That lipstick color looks nice, and well, I can't help but like the name of it haha.