Out with the Old - March 2016 Empties

Finally, after months of barely finishing a dozen products, I managed to finish a whole slew of products! My empties bag was actually overflowing with finished products waiting to make their way to the recyclable bin. I gotta say, I'm proud of myself! Click through to see what I finished in March.
I hated this cleanser! It did nothing good for me, and after I stopped using it I realised it was kinda detrimental to my skin. The formula is strange, and contains a lot of questionable ingredients. I finished this cleanser by using it as a brush cleanser, where it performed fairly well. 

This toner is literal and figurative garbage. Mario Badescu's Glycolic Acid Toner is poorly formulated, making it incapable of producing any results. A complete waste of $18. I'm glad it's gone! 

Zakia Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder^
I loved this clay mask, and this 8oz container lasted me nearly a year of frequent use! This clay mask absorbed oil, yet also softened the skin. I'm really going to miss this stuff!

Borghese Hydrology ReIlluminate Facial Oil^
The Hydrology ReIlluminate Facial Oil has an excellent formula that truly helped to hydrate the skin. This oil would be a dry skinned person's best friend! Another product I'm going to miss. 

Borghese Hydrology ReAffirm Day Fluide^
This was a decent day-to-day moisturizer with a touch of SPF. The ReAffirm Day Fluide was a little greasier than I'd prefer, so I'm happy to have finished it and switched back to my Olay Daily Moisturizer - a similar product that suits my needs a bit better. 

Exuviance Performance Peel^
This two step peel has a high concentration of multiple acids, making it super effective for reducing pigmentation and uneven texture. The effects are immediate and long lasting. Expensive, but a great product. 

Hair and Makeup:
L'Oreal Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo
I already have full and voluminous hair, but when my mother decided she no longer cared for this shampoo I snapped it up. Why? It smells amazing! Like a tart mix of violets and berries. While this shampoo did do a good job of cleaning my hair, I can't say I noticed any extra body after using it. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation*
I loved this foundation, and I've been savoring the last drops of it for a couple of months now. After scraping at the sides of the bottle for a few days, I deemed it empty. Rimmel has since reformulated the Match Perfection Foundation (again!), so I'm not sure if I'll repurchase, I'll have to test it out at Priceline. 
Baby Skin seems like such a love it or hate it product, and I was on the love it side! This thick silicone primer concealed my pores and created a smooth canvas for foundations. I especially loved pairing it with Maybelline's Dream Wonder Fluid Foundation, which will probably show up in next month's empties.

Everyone loves argan oil, right? While some use it as a facial moisturizer, I prefer to use it on the ends of my hair, or as a nail treatment. This 1oz bottle of argan oil lasted me over a year.

Seraphine Botanicals Carrot+Rose Hydrating Cream
This lotion's formula was nothing special, but the carrot and rose fragrance was incredible! Floral with an interesting twist. I only got three uses out of this little bottle, I wish there was more!

Soap&Glory Sit Tight Lower Body Serum^
This cellulite fighting serum is a good quick fix if you want your ~lower body~ to look a bit smoother and more toned, but it certainly isn't a miracle product. No product can remove cellulite, but Sit Tight can mask it for a couple of days. 

Soap&Glory The Scrub of Your Life^
The Scrub of Your Life is a disappointing body scrub, but if you look at it as more of an exfoliating shower gel, you may like it. I mostly used this product to shave. I loved the scent, but otherwise I wasn't thrilled by this product. 

Dove Caring Coconut Advanced Care Deodorant^
This was my first solid deodorant, and I wasn't impressed. This deodorant was only alright - it worked, but I hated the strong, impossible to remove white stains it left on all of my clothes - a real struggle since most of my wardrobe is black - I have a lot of damaged shirts. The Caring Coconut scent was delightful though!

Nivea Creme*
Nivea Creme seems like a product everyone ever has used - except me! My best friend gave me a spare tin of it with a bunch of other Christmas treats, and I was immediately hooked. This thick, buttery, yet basic cream is excellent for soothing my eczema. I've since stockpiled several more tins.

Bath&BodyWorks Carried Away Body Lotion*
I was kinda devo when Bath&BodyWorks discontinued Carried Away, it was one of my favorite scents - its both fruity and floral. I love it, and I love the Bath&BodyWorks lotion formula. I'll try to pick up another bottle during the next semi annual sale. 

I loved the way this Pocket Bac smelled! Like peach gummy bears. Amazing, though a little strong. This scent was limited edition, but if it ever pops back up I'll probably buy it again. 

Bath&BodyWorks Paris Amour Pocket Bac
This is my last Pocket Bac in the old packaging! It feels weird to know I'll never pull another triangular little bottle out of my bag. Paris Amour is one of my favorite fragrances, but I wouldn't repurchase, since Bath&BodyWorks made the silly decision to put glitter in it. Why??

Bath&BodyWorks Vanilla Snowflake Candle
My boss had this candle in her living room and I fell in love - I'd steal a sniff whenever I could. I would never pay full price for a Bath&BodyWorks 3-wick candle, but I wasn't against picking it up for less than half price at the semi annual sale! This candle smells kinda like cotton candy with a hint of mint - very crisp, yet sweet - and the packing was lovely! 

Bath&BodyWorks Forever Red Perfume 
I got a tiny sample of Forever Red when it first released in 2012, and I liked this sweet, rummy scent so much that I savored the mini bottle for almost four years! I decided it was time to get this pretty red bottle out of my way, and finished it over the course of two weeks. I'll miss this boozey berry scent, but not enough to fork out for a full size bottle. 

What have you finished lately?

pr samples are marked with ^


  1. You used up so much! It's the best feeling ever really. That Vanilla Snowflake candle sounds amazing, but their candles are ridiculously overpriced

    1. Maybe they'll have it at the Semi Annual Sale! It's such a nice scent!

  2. I've used up so much shit this month/since my beauty empties video. It's funny because it took me almost half a year to accumulate a bag's worth of beauty junk the first time around and now I'm constantly running through things. I'm so broke tho... stooooppp!

  3. You did so many makeups =o