Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar Review

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar
Lush says "journey to the end of the rainbow with Ultraviolet. Beyond its shades of purple and violet, this giant bubble bar has a gorgeous violet, ylang ylang and jasmine scent that's intoxicating yet delicate. Crumble a piece under running water and submerge yourself underneath silky, purple-y waters and take a moment to stop and smell the seductive florals of Ultraviolet for a chilled out bathtime." Each Ultraviolet Bubble Bar, which is limited edition for spring, weighs approximately 7 oz (200 grams) and sells for $12.95 ($10.95 AUD). Lush is cruelty free, and a majority of their products, including this bubble bar, are vegan.

Ultraviolet is one of Lush's biggest bubble bars, it dwarfs them all except Brightside and The Comforter - consequently it's also the most expensive! How many uses will you get from this extra large bubble bar? Well that mainly depends on the size of your tub and how many bubbles you want, but I've used Ultraviolet three times in my standard sized tub and I still have over half left. This round, jumbo sized bubble bar is quite colorful, consisting of purple, violet, blue, and green swirls with a light dusting of silver shimmer. While most photos on Instagram and Tumblr will show Ultraviolet's colors to be quite vibrant, the ones in Parramatta's Lush shop were quite pastel - I picked out the biggest and brightest of the bunch but it still feels quite dull compared to what I've seen on social media. The texture of this limited edition bubble bar is also quite different from the bubble bars I've previously tried - its very crumbly and a little on the dry side - at least compared to Creamy Candy and the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. While this difference in moisture content doesn't effect this bubble bar's use, you should probably handle it with care!
I'm always pleasantly surprised at how well Lush's Bubble Bars work, and Ultraviolet has proven to be no exception! While there are a couple of techniques for maximizing your bubble bars, I tend to use the stocking method - break off a chunk of your bubble bar, place it in an old (clean!) sock, crumble it, and hold it under running water. The results? Lilac colored water and a mountain of bubbles that last absolute ages - I still had a fair amount of foam after 20 minutes! Unlike the previously mentioned bubble bars, Ultraviolet doesn't have any added moisturizing ingredients to soup up your bath water - this product is all for show.
Ultraviolet smells incredible! Now I should mention that I'm an absolute sucker for violets - both the scent and the flower. I have really strong memories associated with violet scents - they remind me of my beloved Avon Violets+Lychee body spray and being 19 years old in Sydney for the first time - one of the happiest times of my life. Ultraviolet has a strong violet base with soft but noticable jasmine and ylang ylang notes - its a powdery, soft floral that isn't too heady or pungent. Even by Lush standards, Ultraviolet is strongly scented - in a bag, in a closed cupboard under the sink, this bubble bar permeates our entire bathroom! Be sure to store Ultraviolet away from your other Lush goodies to avoid scent contamination. Once in the water, the scent becomes much more mild, and the fragrance lingers on the skin and in the room for about an hour post-bath.
I'm really enjoying the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar! While this isn't the most visually appealing bubble bar I've ever tried, it is the best value - at less than $11AUD for around 5-6 baths, its actually one of Lush's more economical bath treats! If you're a purple lover or a fan of violet fragrances, you'll definitely want to snap Ultraviolet up before it's gone!

Sodium Bicarbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate), Cream of Tartar (Tartaric acid), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Lauryl Betaine (Lauryl Betaine), Perfume (Perfume), Rosewood Oil (Aniba rosaeodora), Violet Leaf Absolute (Viola odorata), Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata), Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum), *Benzyl Benzoate (*Benzyl Benzoate), *Linalool (*Linalool), Alpha-Isomethyl ionene, Citronellol (Citronellol), Geraniol (Geraniol), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Snowflake Lustre, Colour 42090 (Colour 42090), Colour 45410, Colour 17200, Colour 47005, Colour 60725 (Colour 60725), Colour 14700 (Colour 14700) 

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