I have this post queued to go up while I'm on the way to Sydney, so if you're reading this, I'm probably flying over the Pacific Ocean, or maybe in New Zealand!

I've had a lot of changes in my life's circumstances in the last year or so, and I can't help but feel like they've impacted my blog's content and I wanted to touch on them.

I suffered a head injury in August that's really affected my ability to write. Posts that used to take me an hour or two to whip up can now take more than a day because I just can't find my words - its frustrated and disheartening, and I feel like my content is kinda forced sometimes. My apologies, I feel like I've been struggling less. I'm hoping to overcome this problem soon - believe me I do not want to go several days without posting! 

I'll be taking a few days off from posting while I get settled at home in Sydney. I expect to be back at work on the blog within a week or so. Thank you so much to everyone that's been patient with me over the months. I appreciate all of you. 

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  1. Oh fuck! I had no idea that you had a head injury! That really sucks. :( I'm really proud of your for sticking with things despite a foggy noggin'.

  2. I have your snapchat and instagram :3