A Tiny Birthday Haul

Hey guys. Sorry for the multi day gaps between updates, but I'm horribly uninspired lately. I want to write, but I just don't have the attention span to do it. I've only been here for two weeks - can we still blame it on the jet lag? I like to think so. Anyway, my birthday is tomorrow (how am I turning 24?), and I took a trip to Westfield Parramatta to pick out a couple treats courtesy of Dean and I wanted to share my selections with you. Click through to take a more in depth look.

theBalm Balm Desert Blush - $29
Did you know Target Australia carries theBalm now? Well they do! I came across a well stocked display and was immediately drawn to Balm Desert, a beautiful bronzey rose blush that I've read countless rave reviews on. I picked it up without hesitation! A quick swatch in the car left me with a pretty positive first impression - I can't wait to actually try it on. 

Bourjois Almande Defile So Lacque Glossy Nail Polish - $6
I love a good pistachio green, so when I found this Bourjois lacquer in a Priceline bargain bin I scooped it right up! Turns out, the formula is a bit shit - its sheer and runny, and it takes forever to dry, but the color is beautiful. I'm going to try to make it work. 

Bliss No Zit Sherlock Kit - $5
Another bargain bin find, this three piece Bliss kit was reduced to just five bucks and contains two decent sized deluxe samples and one full sized product - all designed to fight acne. While acne hasn't been much of a problem for me in the last fortnight, I want to be prepared if it crops back up - plus I wanted to bulk up my skincare arsenal a little (I left so much behind!) 

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar - $10.95 
I knew I wanted to treat myself to something from Lush - Big Blue or Frozen bath bomb maybe, but after sniffing around the whole store, I fell in love with the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar. Violet is one of my favorite fragrances, and I prefer bubble bars over bath bombs from a value standpoint, so this was a win-win. I think I'll get at least four baths out of it. I also requested a sample of my beloved Ocean Salt. 

Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer - Free
I forgot to place it in the shot, but I bought a copy of Marie Claire on impulse last night because it included a free 40ml tube of Malin+Goetz moisturizer. While I've only tried their Mojito Lip Balm, I knew I wanted to try more from the brand, and considering the magazine cost $10 and the moisturizer was valued at around $25, it seemed like a money well spent. I already tried the moisturizer last night and this morning and it seems really nice! 

All items were purchased for me as a gift, or included as a gift with purchase.


  1. What the fuuuuuuuh? Target AUS has theBalm? That's super rad! Hopefully it's legit though because a few years back they were selling "MAC" too.

    1. Oh yeah its real this time. Target AU is pretty much an entirely different place than it was a couple of years ago

  2. Oh, and while you're there, the Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow are at Target. I wonder what you'd think of them.

    1. I'll pick one up next time there's a Maybelline sale.

  3. The bath bomb was good smells n.n