A Little Jewelry Packing Tip + Personal Update

Hey friends, I just wanted to check in and let yinz know that I made it to Sydney alright - I've been here for a week and I had a really uneventful trip over. Everything went smoothly, I sat near friendly, chatty people on each flight, and I was in New Zealand for the first time! I can't tell you how happy I am to be back in Australia - its home to me now, really. I just feel so much better here, and I'm already having a pretty good time, just chilling by our pool or heading to the shops. Anyway, sorry I haven't gotten back to the blog sooner, but between jetlag, a sinus infection and a minor technical problem, it was a little bit of a struggle, but we're back on track and I'm working on posts again! 

To keep this post from being entirely pointless, I wanted to share one of my personal packing hacks that I haven't really seen anyone else mention - I'm sure I'm not the inventor of this brilliant little idea, but it popped into my head a couple of years ago and figured it was worth sharing if any of you travel often and hate getting your necklaces tangled. What is this little trick? Simply grab a foam hair roller and wrap your dainty little necklaces around them, and snap them shut to secure. I've been using this technique for about three years now - and be it a two day pop across Pennsylvania, or a months long journey to the other side of the world, I've never had a single necklace tangle or break.
I'm not sure how innovative this tip really is, but I hope it helps at least a few of you next time you travel. Let me know if you've heard of this packing hack before! I should be back on my normal posting schedule within a couple of days - I have a few reviews partially written that just need editing and photos taken so keep an eye out for new content! Thanks for being patient, and by the way, would any of you be interested in like, a weekly lifestyle update? Just a few notes on products I've been loving, and how I've been spending my time in Sydney? Let me know in the comments.