Spring/Summer Pocket Bacs Haul

It's been about six months since I've popped into Bath&BodyWorks, and you know what that means...it's time to stock up on Pocket Bacs! I took advantage of the 5/$6 deal and picked up some summery scents for the upcoming season...even though I'm heading to Sydney in a few weeks, where it's currently autumn (but fuck it, it's still like 90F every day. That's summer to me). Let's take a look at the five scents I picked out. Click through!

Bath&BodyWorks calls Fresh Strawberries a "succulent scent of sun-warmed strawberries fresh from the vine". This is a pick from the permanent line, or at least an annually repromoted line. This ripe red gel smells like slightly tart, semi-realistic strawberry candy. I had this Pocket Bac years ago and liked it a lot, so I decided to swipe it again.

Fresh Watermelon Lemonade is described as a "refreshing spritzer of watermelon & freshly squeezed Meyer lemons". This appealing fuchsia hued hand sanitizer is slightly bitter and plasticy at first, but it dries down to smell like pink lemonade Hi-C. The scent is identical to the Watermelon Lemonade Candle, so fans of that fragrance will definitely want to pick it up.

Sweet Strawberries&Cream smells delicious! This Pocket Bac is meant to smell like "an indulgent blend of sugared strawberries & sumptuous vanilla cream". To me, it smells quite similar to Fresh Strawberries, but with a fizzy effervescence that reminds me of strawberry Pop Rocks! This is probably my favorite scent of the five!

Bath&BodyWorks says "kick back and relax with freshly squeezed lime kissed with sea salt". Island Margarita is a classic, and my most repurchased Pocket Bac by far! This tempting green anti-bacterial gel smells salty, and limey, and delicious. A friend borrowed it once and immediately commented on how amazing it smells, saying "I want to drink something that tastes like this smells.". By the way, Seagrams Escapes Classic Lime Margarita is pretty close! Island Margarita is a forever favorite. <3

Turquoise Waters will allow you to "dive into blue waters with the scent of bergamot, day lily & sea spray". The scent of this hand sanitizer is so nostalgic to me! This pretty teal gel smells exactly like that Adidas cologne my brother (and every other teenage boy) wore in the late 90's and early 2000's. Aquatic, fresh, yet kind of overpowering. I like it, its a great unisex choice, but probably not for everyone.

So those were my five picks for spring/summer Pocket Bac scents. If I had to highlight one that's a definite must-try, I'd recommend Sweet Strawberries&Cream, for it's uplifting fruity, fizzy fragrance. Now that this post is completed, I can toss these into my suitcase - I'm not leaving for three more weeks, but it's never too early to start packing in my opinion. Share your favorite Bath&BodyWorks Pocket Bac scents in the comments below!

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