Out with the Old - February 2016 Empties

February went by at light speed for me, and I felt like I was finishing so many products...but when I dumped out my empties bag just now, there were only a dozen products! How disappointing! I know for a fact March will be better, I have so many products that are 90% done and just waiting to be finished - I expected most of them to be done by now actually, but some of them (Glossier's The Balm Dotcom mainly) seem to be endless! Anyway, here's what I did manage to finish in February. Products that I already had a backup of, or will be repurchasing soon are marked with an asterisk (*). Click through for a closer look.
Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo^
I wasn't a fan of this dry shampoo at all - it did jack shit for me, frankly. Also I didn't like it's potent floral fragrance. I'm glad to be rid of it. 

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo*
On the other hand, I finished my all time favorite dry shampoo from Batiste. It's rare to see one of my empties posts without this product in it, and even rarer for me to not have multiple backups on hand, which is the case right now. The Cherry Dry Shampoo is so dependable, and always on sale. Even though I'm enjoying the dry shampoo I'm currently testing, I can't wait to have another can of Batiste back on my shelf. 
NYX Control Freak Brow Gel*
This is my third tube of Control Freak, and though I'm testing multiple brow products right now, I doubt it'll be my last. This clear gel gives great, long lasting hold - very much a no frills but necessary product. I do wish NYX would improve the packaging though, the cap always cracks for me. 

Benefit ChaChaTint Lip&Cheek Stain
I've had this tiny sample of ChaChaTint for ages, in fact it was one of my first ever Benefit products. I love this saucy orange stain in the summer, its just so fresh. I decided I felt a little pop of orangey coral recently, and was disappointed to find that this vial had finally run out. I wouldn't repurchase a full size, but I hope another sample finds its way into my stash soon.

The Body Shop Strawberry Born Lippy Balm
After doing a recent Products I've Hit Pan On update, I decided to make a concerted effort to finish this potted gloss, and I finally did. This gloss was only alright for me, it was a bit moisturizing. I don't have much else to say about it - it was quite sheer and never really caught my interest. I  won't miss it. 

Ofra FixLine Gel Eyeliner^
I loved this jet black, fluid gel eyeliner! FixLine was so dark, and it lasted all day, no problem. My little jar was about 3/4 finished, and its finally dried up beyond use. I'll miss it, and I'd like to repurchase it one day, but I don't feel like throwing down $17 for a gel liner anytime soon.
Ahava Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask 
This clay mask was merely alright in my book. While it did definitely absorb oil, it didn't do a better job than more affordable clay masks that I've tried. I like the whipped texture, but nothing else stood out to me. 

I wanted to love FAB's Ultra Repair Cream, but I couldn't. This cream is very moisturizing, and it can soothe my mild eczema, but I don't think it's the incredible, fix-all product so many bloggers say it is. Ultra Repair Cream's ingredient list is disappointing to say the least - so many excellent ingredients in a minute concentration. 

Borghese Fango Purificante Purifying Clay Cleanser^
I liked this foaming clay cleanser a lot! I ran through my tube at an alarming pace and I miss it! I quite liked the texture, and was pleased by the ingredient list. I'd totally repurchase the Fango Purificante Cleanser if I didn't have an endless stock of cleansers...and if it was more affordable - I cringe at the idea of paying $30 for face wash. 

Bliss Baggage Handler Eye Gel 
My first ever Bliss product, I snagged it on sale in Australia about three years ago and I feel strangely sentimental about it. I really liked this gel for both depuffing the under eye, and for calming redness. I forgot about Baggage Handler and I haven't used it for ages, a sign that I no longer need it in my life.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads*
One of my all time favorite products, these effective acid toner pads have been a staple in my skincare lineup for about a year now. This little sample came in a Target Beauty Box, and I'll be keeping the smaller container for travel purposes. 

Exuviance Performance Peel*^
This two step peel was a surprise hit for me. Exuviance sent along a couple of peels as a bonus in a PR package, and I tucked them aside for a skincare emergency. After suffering through a three week long cold, my skin was in a bad place - congested and bumpy and nothing else was fixing it! I reached for peel and saw fast and lasting results! This peel is a bit harsh though, not something I'd use unless I absolutely had to. 

What have you finished lately?

pr samples are marked with ^