A Christmas Gift from Soap&Glory!

I was surprised and delighted on Thanksgiving when I won Soap&Glory's Count Your Luck Stars Giveaway on Instagram! After waiting patiently, my box of goodies arrived just in time for Christmas Eve. I just wanted to quickly share the products that were included in my prize pack - I tried most of them last night, so I have some first impressions to share! Click through for more.

The Scrub of Your Life - $12
This is a shower gel with small exfoliating granules and beads. I can't say that The Scrub of Your Life seems like a very effective scrub, but it does lather up nicely. I can see myself reaching for this product when I shave, but I doubt it'll become a staple in my routine. The Scrub of Your Life features Soap&Glory's signature Pink scent - musky and fruity, its fantastic.

Sit Tight Super Intense Targeted Firming&Soothing Lower Body Serum - $24
Supposedly an anti-cellulite serum that will make your lower half look and feel firmer after a fortnight. I didn't try Sit Tight last night, I want to do a little more research on how it 'works' first. I don't think I'll see any real, long term results, but this serum could be fun to try and review. 

The Breakfast Scrub - $15
This body scrub has been on my wishlist for years - its probably the most exciting of the bunch. This scrub has a sweet, subtle maple scent, and it kinda looks like cookie dough in the tub. I haven't really tried The Breakfast Scrub yet, but I've rubbed a bit between my fingers and it seems much more granulated and effective than The Scrub of Your Life. 

Smoothie Star Body Buttercream - $15
I already love the Smoothie Star Body Milk, so I was thrilled to pull this whipped body butter out of the box. The texture is so light and airy yet still very hydrating. I was disappointed that it doesn't smell the same as the body milk though - this body butter is said to have a 'pistachio and vanilla' scent, which is sweet, and pleasant, but I wish it smelled like pancakes like the coordinating lotion. 

Face Soap&Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash - $12
Of the seven products, this cleanser is the only one I've tried before, and honestly I didn't like it - I had a tube of this cleanser about two years ago and I found it stripping. Since then Soap&Glory repackaged it, and I believe they tweaked the formula too. I found it much more pleasant to use last night, but I'll have to give it more time to see if it's really improved.

Clean on Me Shower Gel - $10
This shower gel is massive! Wow, I won't need another bottle for MONTHS. This Pink scented body wash has such a light and creamy lather, I'm already a fan! 

Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Gloss in Pinkwell - $14
Mary (ALoveTart), probably my all time favorite YouTuber, loves this gloss and I trust her opinions...but this time I have been betrayed. Soap&Glory tried to warn me that this gloss would tingle A LOT, but I didn't believe them - I'm a plumping gloss veteran, I can handle it, right? I applied this lip gloss and immediately it felt like my lips were sent to hell and being punished for every time I've ever sassed my mum. Wow the burning is shocking and terrible.I don't know if I'll able to use this gloss, which is a shame because its pretty. I'm sorry mum. 
Soap&Glory also sent me a nice personal note as well! 

Share your favorite Soap&Glory products, or the ones on your wishlist, in the comments!

I won these products in a brand sponsored giveaway. I am not sponsored by Soap&Glory. These thoughts are my own and not influenced by any third parties.