Out with the Old - October 2015 Empties

I'm so frustrated with my empties the last few months, it seems like I can't finish anything lately. This month I only finished ten products, less than ever! I really need to pick up the pace when it comes to polishing off products! Anyway, lets look at what I did manage to use up. As always, products I plan on repurchasing, or already had a backup of will be marked with an asterisk (*).

Olay Complete Moisturizer SPF 15 - empty*
This moisturizer has been in and out of my routine for around 10 years. This light moisturizer provides adequate hydration and sun protection, and the 4 oz bottle lasts me a good 3 or four months. I've already moved onto my next bottle of this great basic moisturizer.

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub - empty
A really disappointing scrub all around - Adovia's Dead Sea Salt Scrub was too oily and fragrant for my liking.

Hask Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Sample - empty
I loved both of these! The shampoo produced a rich lather, and the conditioner was creamy and thick - plus they had an awesome, orange-y smell. I've liked everything I've tried from Hask so far, and I think I'm gonna buy these in full size one day. 

Rodan+Fields Redefine Acute Care for Expression Lines - empty*
I don't even remember why I reached for these line reducing under eye patches this month, but I feel like I didn't see significant results from them this time. 

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara - empty
This mascara had a really cool brush that was a little hard to use. I liked the formula for the most part, it gave decent length, but it isn't special enough for me to repurchase. 

I didn't really care for this candle, it was too soapy and sweet smelling for me to like, but I still burned through it - though it took nearly a year (I got this candle as a Christmas present). I'm gonna keep the jar, which are nice for storage. 

Bath&BodyWorks French Baguette Candle - Empty 
On the other hand, I did like this candle, which smelled exactly like you think it would - like warm, crusty bread - and how cute is the label? This limited edition candle, which came out about three years ago, will be missed. 

Ulta Makeup Setting Spray - Empty
This setting spray was alright, it smelled good and it definitely took down the appearance of powder on the skin. I'm using a different setting spray now, but I think this one is worth picking up, its cheap and effective. 

Lush Don't Look at Me Fresh Face Mask - Empty*
I loved this exfoliating and brightening mask! Don't Look at Me does a little bit of everything, and its so fun to use because its bright blue! I really, truly miss this mask and I want to buy another pot soon. Of course I won't be tossing the container, I gotta save up for my next free Fresh Face Mask.

Bath&BodyWorks Sweet Pea Lotion - Empty
I like Bath&BodyWorks lotions and I love the Sweet Pea scent. I've gone through a couple bottles of this lotion over the years, and I'll probably buy it again soon, but I have several other scents to use up first. 


  1. I hear you on not finishing products like normal :/ I feel like I hardly went through anything either, but I was in the hospital at the beginning of October, so I blame that!

    Also, I feel the same way about that Adovia scrub. It's a bit too fragrant and oily for me as well, but my skin does feel very smooth after I use it. Mine's *almost* gone, probably this month I'll be able to use it up!

    1. At least you have an excuse! But I hope you'r feeling better now that you're out of the hospital. <3

      Yeah, the Adovia scrub isn't a total failure, I've just tried so many better scrubs.

    2. Aww, thank you. I'm feeling better finally, but the medicine they have me taking causes extreme exhaustion and joint pain, and I have to stay on it for 6 months -_- I'll take that though over feeling like I'm having a heart attack. That pain was nuts!

    3. Yeah I've heard that thinners can be a bitch. D: I hope the side effects settle down over time.