Crown Brush Tweezers Review

Crown Brush Tweezers Review
Crown Brush says their "stainless steel professional tweezers come complete with tips that are perfectly aligned, hand filed at a 45 degree angle, with carefully calculated tension." These tweezers, which are available in a handful of colors and patterns, retail for $6.99 on Crown's website; I received my pair in my July Ipsy Bag. These tweezers are made in China.

Crown Brush's tweezers are pretty basic in design, there isn't much to say about the body of the tweezer, other than that the Crown logo is printed on it (but that'll rub off pretty fast). The slanted metal tips come to a reasonably sharpened point. These tweezers have a good amount of tension, they're neither too loose nor too stiff, their construction seemed so promising. These stainless steel tweezers are recyclable.

I was very excited to get my hands on Crown Brush's tweezers because my Revlon tweezers are getting old, dull, and worn out...and I'm glad I held onto them because I was immediately disappointed. I am a frequent brow plucker out of sheer necessity (Russian problems, amirite?) and Crown's tweezers just don't get the job done. These stainless steel tweezers cannot grip fine or short hairs - I've tried every possible angle and technique and I can only manage to pluck out the longest, most coarse hairs...and I prefer to not let my brows get that bad.

Just because Crown's tweezers can't be used to maintain brows doesn't mean that they're useless. These narrow tipped tweezers can come in hand if you're doing some nail art, they're great for placing rhinestones or acrylic nail decorations.

Crown Brush's tweezers are so-so, they seem sturdy and well made, but they don't fair well when it comes to hair removal, which is pretty much all I use tweezers for. If you want an affordable pair of tweezers for nail art or general around the house tasks, Crown's are an option, but I still don't recommend them. Revlon's tweezers are cheaper, more versatile, and more readily available, buy them instead - they're far superior for first aid tasks and plucking.

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