What's in My Pool Bag

 Mum and I payed a visit to a friend of the family that has a pool today, and we had a very pleasant splash! Weather has been surprisingly nice here in Pittsburgh this week, its warm but not hot or too humid, and the sun is actually out! I though I'd share what I bring along in my pool bag - without sharing the bag it's self which is a horrible, shapeless, cherry printed canvas bag from Target's Xhilaration brand. My best friend bought it for me at a thrift shop as a gag gift...but its the perfect shape and size for carrying my beach and pool essentials. Anyway, this post is not about the bag, but the stuff that's inside. Click through to see what's in my pool bag.

Lands End Beach Towels are easily the best ones. They're huge, soft without being too porous, quick drying, and they never wear out - though be aware you'll pay for the quality, they run between $25-40 dollars. That being said, this towel is at least 15 years old and good as new!

Betsey Johnson sunglasses are my favorite - they're super cute (though some styles run a little tacky, but that's totally Betsey's thing) and sturdy. I bought this pair last summer, and haven't felt the need for a new pair. Her sunnies are expensive if you buy them directly from Betsey Johnson's website or her displays in Nordstrom or Macy's - we're talking about $50-80, but if you take a look at your local TJ Maxx, you'll probably find a wide range for $15 or less - I scored my pair for just $11!

Claw clips are essential to my life, poolside and otherwise. While I don't mind getting sea water in my hair, I try to avoid getting it wet with chlorinated water because it causes my red henna hair color to turn brassy and overly orange.  The cream colored clip above was part of a $3 duo pack from Forever 21. I'm not really feeling these affordable clips, they have a tendency to slip. I much prefer Karina's claw clips, and recommend them over Forever 21's option.

Dry shampoo is another product that I require on a day to day basis, but is particularly helpful if I'm having a swim. I'm a heavy sweater, and it definitely shows in my hair, especially my bangs, so a quick spritz of dry shampoo really helps to fix me up after being out in the sun. I brought along a travel sized can of Not Your Mothers' Clean Freak Dry Shampoo*, though its not my go to.

Luckily I didn't have to use it today, but its always good to have Goody's QuikStyle Paddle Brush* on hand when around water. This wide paddle brush has microfiber bristles between plastic bristles, which help absorb water, so my long, thick hair dries twice as fast.

Hawaiian Tropic's SPF 50 Silk Hydration Sunscreen* can do no wrong for me! This creamy lotion sunscreen is hydrating, easy to apply, it smells fantastic, and most importantly it keeps me safe from the sun! As an ultra pale, Russian red head, I am extremely prone to sunburns - but not when wearing any of Hawaiian Tropic's sunscreens, they just work so well for me, plus they're cheap and frequently on offer.

I also carry deodorant with me, because as I mentioned I am a disgusting, sweaty individual. Today I brought along Dove's Caring Coconut Advanced Care Anti Perspirant* to keep the sweat to a minimum. The unfortunately discontinued Coconut Lime Breeze Body Spray from Bath&BodyWorks was my scent of the day, and this travel sized bottle tagged along to top up my fragrance throughout the day. Its citrusy and summery, light and effortless. Of course this scent will vary.

And of course, any pool or beach bag is pointless without a bathing suit. I have a couple, but I've been opting for this mint bikini top from Xhilaration and a pair of faded black denim shorts. Why? I kinda accidentally left all other bathing apparel at Dean's house, and its not like I can just swing by and pick them up! Poor planning on my behalf.
Even when I hit the beach or pool I still wear just a bit of makeup - a stroke or two of mascara, a lip product, and a touch of powder or tinted moisturizer. These are the five product I wore today, all tucked into my favorite Ipsy bag from like three years ago.

My brows have been a bit uneven lately after a tragic plucking mishap, so to camouflage the damage I gave them a bit of shape with It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil, which is the perfect brow product if you're going to be outdoors for a while or getting wet - this stuff seriously lasts through anything!

I made a bold choice when I went with Covergirl's Clump Crusher Mascara in a non-waterproof formula. Honestly, even the washable formula holds up well in sub optimal mascara conditions. It was my go-to for years when working in kitchens, and its a mascara I can trust to last through a splash or two.

A warm, sunny day like today was the perfect opportunity to give the much buzzed about Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield a whirl. A silicone textured primer laced with broad spectrum SPF 30+++, I've heard pretty much every blogger talk about this new product this summer. The smoothing texture helped me skip out on the BB Cream, and the reasonably high sun protection factor kept my face burn-free. Wanting just a little bit of coverage, I topped off Murad's primer with a dusting of Pixi's Flawless Beauty Powder - a fantastic product that has sadly been discontinued. I'm about to hit pan and I'm going to be devo when it happens.

For the lips I selected Jersey Shore Sun's Cococut Cream Mongongo Lip Treatment, which contains sun blocking ingredients like zinc in a moisturizing formula that doesn't have an unpleasant sunscreen taste.

And lastly, a bottle of my all time favorite makeup remover, Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water (and cotton rounds, obviously) just in case things got messy. While I didn't have a situation today, that usually isn't the case - so micellar water is always good to have on hand. I ended up taking my makeup off before heading home.

Share what's in your beach or pool bag in the comments! 

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