Soufeel Charm Bracelet Review

I'm sharing something a little different today - a review for a bracelet! I don't do style, fashion, or jewelry posts very often (or ever), so lets treat this post like a breath of fresh air. I was recently contacted by Soufeel and they were kind enough to offer me one of their bracelets and a few charms of my choosing. I happily accepted as soon as I explored Soufeel's website because their offerings are very cute and reasonably priced! Let's take a look at the pieces I chose!

Soufeel Box
Soufeel's packaging is just gorgeous! My bracelet arrived in a beautiful decorative box made of a heavy, textured white cardboard. The Soufeel logo and a satiny, powder blue box decorate the lid. The interior of the box is lined with a soft, black felt. Soufeel also includes a small cloth to help keep your jewelry clean and polished. Presentation is really fantastic - I am never getting rid of this box!
Soufeel Bangle Bracelet
Let's start off with the bracelet it's self. Soufeel offers a variety of starter bangles, they're available in three sizes to suit most wrist sizes. I selected the smallest size, which is still just a little too big for my narrow, noodle-y wrists. That being said, this little size should be small enough for most pre-teens and petite adults like myself. I chose the most simple bracelet, the 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bangle ($25). This sturdy but lightweight sterling silver bracelet has a ball style clasp that opens easily, but fastens securely. Honestly I don't really like the style of this bracelet, it looks like a doorknocker to me. Of course, this bangle looks much better with some charms, but in general it isn't my style.
Soufeel Charm Bracelet
Soufeel offers a massive selection of charms, beads, and pendants that'll fit Pandora bracelets and other popular charm bracelets. These sterling silver and Swarovski crystal adorned trinkets come in just about any design you could possibly desire! I was almost overwhelmed by choice when picking out my charms, but Soufeel breaks their inventory down into lots of categories, so it's easy to find what you're looking for. No matter what charms you choose, you can expect them to be cute, intricate, and well made. Most of Soufeel's pieces can double up as dainty little pendants, which is how I actually prefer to wear them. 
The first charm that I chose was of the Sydney Opera House ($20). This tiny, sterling silver replica of Sydney's iconic opera house is incredibly detailed and accurate, it's amazing honestly. This little charm has some personal significance to me. Most of my readers probably know, but I'm in the process of moving to Australia, and the country has begun to feel more like home to me than the U.S. ever has. I'm very homesick for Sydney, and its nice to have a little reminder of home when I'm so far away.
Soufeel Anchor Pendant
My second selection was the Anchor Pendant ($20), and its probably my favorite. Nine Swarovski crystals decorate this delicate, nautical themed pendant, and the textured 'rope' that wraps around is a pretty and appealing detail. This anchor charm makes such a cute necklace for summer, I've worn it multiple times since I got it, and have received a few compliments on it as well.
Soufeel Dragonfly Charm
And finally we have the Blue Dragonfly Pendant ($25), a graceful sterling silver insect with blue enamel filled wings. This charm is surprisingly detailed, and adds a bright,eye catching burst of color among my otherwise monotone bracelet. It was quite difficult to capture the lovely blue color of the wings, you just have to trust me that it looks even better in person.  
Before we wrap things up here, I wanted to share some of Soufeel's gifts with purchases and other offers. Most importantly, Soufeel offers worldwide shipping - free if your order is over $50. Orders over $50 will also receive a free necklace, and orders over $99 get a free bangle with purchase. Both gifts with purchase are automatically added to your cart. If you aren't satisfied with your order, Soufeel offers a full 365 day return period. 
Soufeel Necklaces
All and all, I'm very pleased with the items I've received from Soufeel! I may not love the charm bracelet, but each charm that I received makes an adorable necklace that I plan to wear quite often. If you're looking for an affordable alternative to Pandora charms, or want to pick up quality pendants, I definitely recommend Soufeel.

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This product was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by Soufeel or any other third parties.